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BGDs DD is two today

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BigGayDad Fri 15-Apr-05 00:07:00

I can't believe she is that old so I'll try posting a picture of her, if I can find the right button!

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 15-Apr-05 00:09:24

While you find the right button to press, Happy Birthday to your dd .

sallyenglebertstrawberry Fri 15-Apr-05 00:12:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hunkersneakymunker Fri 15-Apr-05 00:14:09

Happy 2nd Birthday to BGD's DD!

sallyenglebertstrawberry Fri 15-Apr-05 00:17:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BigGayDad Fri 15-Apr-05 00:20:35

Here's the picture, after much resizing and cropping. The picture that is, not dd!!

sallyenglebertstrawberry Fri 15-Apr-05 00:22:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BigGayDad Fri 15-Apr-05 00:25:14

The car was handed down from her big sister. We were taking photos of the two of them for Easter cards to give to relatives, Grandparents etc. She had just woken up and the only way we could get her to smile was to stick her in the car. The hair is wild because she had been asleep.

sallyenglebertstrawberry Fri 15-Apr-05 00:27:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JoolsToo Fri 15-Apr-05 00:37:41

ooh - another lovely daughter!

lockets Fri 15-Apr-05 07:48:11

Message withdrawn

LGJ Fri 15-Apr-05 08:17:49

Hippo Birdy BGD DD

incognito1 Fri 15-Apr-05 08:23:07

Sooooooo cute and beautiful hair

Hulababy Fri 15-Apr-05 09:01:30

Happy 2nd birthday to your DD. Fab hair!!!

HappyDaddy Fri 15-Apr-05 09:07:46

Happy Birthday to your DD. She looks so cute and happy.

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