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swiperfox help!!

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almostanangel Wed 13-Apr-05 20:22:20

arghhhhhhhh photo came out big lol lol

almostanangel Wed 13-Apr-05 20:25:14


almostanangel Wed 13-Apr-05 20:35:42

b u mp bump

almostanangel Thu 14-Apr-05 07:30:05

bump morning fox

SaintGeorge Thu 14-Apr-05 10:35:42

Do you need it resizing? I'll do it for you if you want.

antlxstew @ (remove spaces)

swiperfox Thu 14-Apr-05 10:38:29

do you want it smaller? Sorry - I'm slow this morning!!!!!

almostanangel Fri 15-Apr-05 08:34:40

saint george?? sorry didnt get back to you sooner.. think i will prob leave it as it is ,,just frightened the life out of me when the page came up and was staring at my self lol lol

SaintGeorge Fri 15-Apr-05 09:19:45

No problem - If you change your mind I can get it to half the size it is now without loss of quality, would just need to email it to you.

almostanangel Fri 15-Apr-05 15:03:31

thanks st george ,,

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