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CodandherBeau Wed 13-Apr-05 18:44:10

the big picture

Mud Wed 13-Apr-05 18:45:35


marthamoo Wed 13-Apr-05 18:45:37

Cod, you look exactly as I imagined you. Who's the freak in the glasses though?

JoolsToo Wed 13-Apr-05 18:45:54


coppertop Wed 13-Apr-05 18:46:11


Mud Wed 13-Apr-05 18:46:52

I like the fuzzy edged oval best

{{{{hugs for COd}}}}}

SoupDragon Wed 13-Apr-05 18:47:26

The freak in the glasses IS Cod. The other one is Soupy.

JoolsToo Wed 13-Apr-05 18:49:08

I like the angle of the ears

posyhairdresser Wed 13-Apr-05 18:50:35

even better looking than in my dreams

JoolsToo Wed 13-Apr-05 19:43:43


PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 13-Apr-05 19:46:32


desperatehousewife Wed 13-Apr-05 19:52:20

You freak

cod Wed 13-Apr-05 19:53:16

Message withdrawn

cod Wed 13-Apr-05 19:55:42

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Wed 13-Apr-05 19:56:26

Message withdrawn

cod Wed 13-Apr-05 20:03:16

Message withdrawn

katierocket Wed 13-Apr-05 20:03:43

like it

Thomcat Wed 13-Apr-05 20:06:30

PMSL, I was well excited to see what you looked like.
Cods, sorry you had a traumatic day, doesn't sound good, hope you are ok.

Whizzz Wed 13-Apr-05 20:06:33

I luurrve that bat

CodandherBeau Wed 13-Apr-05 20:07:33

couldn't resist - look out for this piccy popping up here and there!


cod Wed 13-Apr-05 20:08:06

Message withdrawn

Whizzz Wed 13-Apr-05 20:09:04

Where did that bat come from ??
Do tell

cod Wed 13-Apr-05 20:09:26

Message withdrawn

CodandherBeau Wed 13-Apr-05 21:08:01

don't like to disappoint

RTMTMML Wed 13-Apr-05 21:11:56


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