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Here is my DD (its taken long enough for me to figure this out)

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Springchicken Wed 13-Apr-05 11:14:15

Here is my beautiful DD (I'm bias, i know)

Springchicken Wed 13-Apr-05 11:18:14

Oh dear - not working. Too many KB's, how do i make it smaller so i can upload it?

MandM Wed 13-Apr-05 11:24:15


CAT your picture to Snugs - she sorted mine out for me - she's my hero!

SaintGeorge Wed 13-Apr-05 11:27:17

Snugs is temporarily absent from Mumsnet - but her alter ego is around

antlxstew @

Springchicken Wed 13-Apr-05 11:27:44

How do i do that MandM?

SaintGeorge Wed 13-Apr-05 11:29:23

Send photo in an email to me Springchicken, I'll resize it and send it straight back.

Springchicken Wed 13-Apr-05 11:31:02

Ok - I've sent it! Thanks

SaintGeorge Wed 13-Apr-05 11:39:07

Not got it yet but will keep my eye out for it.

Sorry should have said to remove spaces from the email address - if you haven't it might bounce back to you

Springchicken Wed 13-Apr-05 11:44:37

i did that - think me email is just extremely slow today!

SaintGeorge Wed 13-Apr-05 12:05:22

Phew - it's arrived

Done and returned, 2 copies, have reduced the red eye from the flash for you.

Springchicken Wed 13-Apr-05 12:06:41

Right here goes!

dyzzidi Wed 13-Apr-05 12:08:19

Oh she is beautiful you are not being biased!!!

BROWNY Wed 13-Apr-05 12:08:22

Ahhh.... she's adorable - I think you're so clever putting up photo - I've been meaning to get around to it - was it hard to do?

Springchicken Wed 13-Apr-05 12:09:58

I've started a new thread with her piccie on.
Not hard at all Browny....................................................................................................................just ask Saint George to do it for you if your as useless as i am!

BROWNY Wed 13-Apr-05 12:12:23

Thanks, will try it - watch out for the threads with no pictures!!!

MandM Wed 13-Apr-05 12:12:55

St George - I didn't realise you and Snugs were one and the same!

I told you she was a hero Springchicken!!!

Your dd is gorgeous BTW!

SaintGeorge Wed 13-Apr-05 12:17:25

MandM - sorry hun, was sort of trying to avoid someone so switched names for a while, so they wouldn't spot me posting. on the hero bit.

Springchicken, she is beautiful. Watch your in box, have sent you an email.

Springchicken Sun 07-Aug-05 20:41:26

Help, I can;t get a piccie of my DD up here! The link lets me find this packe i am using but wont let me select the specific picture

starshaker Sun 07-Aug-05 20:43:19

what a wee cutie

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