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need help finding new nick name.....reward offered.

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nnosam Tue 12-Apr-05 14:14:09

hi, im currently known as nnosam and have dicided to change it, but i dont know what to. so i am open to ideas and am posting a bit about myself on here in hope that someone will have a new name for me.
im 24 (25 on may 5th), married to dh, whos 41 this year, have 1 ds whos almost 2.5 yrs. like rugby, cross stitch, mumsnet, going out for long walks, reading and getting surpriessss in the post . i live in Gloucester, but come from London.
p.s. reward for the name i end up using, dont know what yet...

FastasleepTheInsomniac Tue 12-Apr-05 14:14:58


dinosaur Tue 12-Apr-05 14:15:55


(actually, maybe not)

mummytosteven Tue 12-Apr-05 14:15:57


SoupDragon Tue 12-Apr-05 14:15:59

GreenEggsAndHam (I do NOT like them , Sam-I-am)

cod Tue 12-Apr-05 14:16:18

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 12-Apr-05 14:16:49

Message withdrawn

dinosaur Tue 12-Apr-05 14:17:51


bit long, that

nnosam Tue 12-Apr-05 14:19:30

maybe not dinosaur,
GreenEggsAndHam, possibly

cod Tue 12-Apr-05 14:20:04

Message withdrawn

nnosam Tue 12-Apr-05 14:20:28

ok, im going to give it 20 mins then i shall do a short list.....
do like trophywife a lot.

Kayleigh Tue 12-Apr-05 14:20:44

crossstitch has a nice ring to it

cod Tue 12-Apr-05 14:21:14

Message withdrawn

cod Tue 12-Apr-05 14:21:43

Message withdrawn

PsychoFlame Tue 12-Apr-05 14:22:17

Ooh, we like trophywife too

unicorn Tue 12-Apr-05 14:22:23


or perhaps not!

Toothache Tue 12-Apr-05 14:22:28

pmsl @ Trophywife!!!!

nnosam Tue 12-Apr-05 14:32:38

ok, my new name shall be......drum roll....
what would you like as a prize Cod?

dinosaur Tue 12-Apr-05 14:33:04

Send her a bag of Turkey Twizzlers

dinosaur Tue 12-Apr-05 14:33:05

Send her a bag of Turkey Twizzlers

anchovies Tue 12-Apr-05 14:33:46

I think she'd like one of those charity wristbands

TrophyWife Tue 12-Apr-05 14:35:33

let me know and cat me your details and i shall do my best to find it.

Toothache Tue 12-Apr-05 14:36:09

Cod would be completely satisfied with a big {{{{cyber hug}}}}

CountessDracula Tue 12-Apr-05 14:36:19


(sorry if you find that offensive, it is just what we use as opposite to cradlesnatcher!)


TrophyWifeWasNnosam Tue 12-Apr-05 14:39:14

i dont see why any one should find coffinsnatcher offences. its cool but im going for TrophyWife, i makes me sound like a model.

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