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Titanias Friend.....

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Titania Tue 12-Apr-05 10:47:30

I hope!

sweetmonkey Tue 12-Apr-05 10:49:09

ah what a gorgeous little thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Titania Tue 12-Apr-05 10:56:18

His name is Gus! lol

Mothernature Tue 12-Apr-05 10:57:03

sweetmonkey Tue 12-Apr-05 10:58:08

looks like a right cheeky little thing.does he get away with murder? mine does.,im way to soft with mine, he s a goldn retriever called drifter, my little baby drift

Titania Tue 12-Apr-05 10:59:17

awww. he likes to dig the garden up!!! lol. he is a cutie but very bouncy!!

sweetmonkey Tue 12-Apr-05 11:03:28

we have a pond at the end of the garden and when we got him we put up a fence to stop him going up that end. the day we thought he was old enough to go up that end, we took fence down, he went straight upto pond sniffed it and then fell nutter

lockets Tue 12-Apr-05 11:08:47

Message withdrawn

Titania Tue 12-Apr-05 11:59:32

we got him about a month ago, after we had to get rid of molly. I couldnt stand the place being so empty without her. The kids adore him and he is fab with them! Housetrained and everything bless him!

Sweetmonkey....LMAO about your soggy doggy!!! poor love!!! lol

sweetmonkey Tue 12-Apr-05 12:12:04

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