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Hula's little girl's party - can't believe she is 3!!!

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Hulababy Mon 11-Apr-05 09:14:49

Pictures here We had a great time and Gymboree was fab for a party!

gingerbear Mon 11-Apr-05 09:28:54

need a password Hula?

Hulababy Mon 11-Apr-05 09:44:04

Ooops - it is richard

vict17 Mon 11-Apr-05 09:46:01

is it just me or is everyone else getting a christmas tree?

Hulababy Mon 11-Apr-05 09:47:53

Hmmm - link isn't taking you straight in - go to Mollie, then Happy 3rd birthday!

katzguk Mon 11-Apr-05 09:48:57

lovely pics!!

DD had a great time. She was tickled pink with her thankyou letter, keep saying letter for DD, from your DD, mummy read again

Hulababy Mon 11-Apr-05 09:49:22

AW, bless her

vict17 Mon 11-Apr-05 09:52:04

Aha - lovley photos. Was that her birthday bike? Fab kitchen btw

Hulababy Mon 11-Apr-05 09:54:51

Yes, it was all she kept asking for from us - a pink bicycle. It is still a tiny bit big (but the next size down was too small to be feasible) but she loves it If we ever move it'll beeven better!!!

gingerbear Mon 11-Apr-05 11:13:10

I love the pic where the little boy is doing her hair!!

cp3 Mon 11-Apr-05 11:49:03

Cant see the pics Hula but glad she had a lovely birthday.

Hulababy Mon 11-Apr-05 18:12:31

cp3 - click on link,m and password is richard. Then click on Mollie, and then on Happy 3rd birthday.

gingerbear - that is my friend's DS. He loved DD's vanity set. Reckon I will get much mileage from it if he turns into a strapping, macho 15 year old?

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