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Fairyflys boyfriend

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fairyfly Sun 10-Apr-05 12:45:31

Keep your bloody hands off girls

JanH Sun 10-Apr-05 12:46:10


fairyfly Sun 10-Apr-05 12:47:46

oh the photo is to big, what a shame

JanH Sun 10-Apr-05 12:57:41

What was it of, FF?

fairyfly Sun 10-Apr-05 13:02:06

My man, but mn wont except it!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tooooo big

JanH Sun 10-Apr-05 13:05:01

rickman and - someone else, damn, have forgotten who - are brill at shrinking pics to fit. Have you got rickman's email?

Xzebra Sun 10-Apr-05 13:11:00

You can keep him, FF.

JanH Sun 10-Apr-05 13:12:08


suzywong Sun 10-Apr-05 13:25:30

chuffin heck, FF, this is probably going to cause a bit of a rift between us but ........I've had him and all!!!

lou33 Sun 10-Apr-05 13:29:57

i might have to pay a visit to see him, oops, i mean you.

RTMTMML Sun 10-Apr-05 13:35:24

ooh.. I feel the temptation rising

anorak Sun 10-Apr-05 13:50:01

You'd better not have sex with the lights on FF, your boyfriend will burn his bum on the bulb

Beetroot Sun 10-Apr-05 13:52:18

Message withdrawn

fairyfly Sun 10-Apr-05 13:58:06

and he is good a teabagging

SoupDragon Sun 10-Apr-05 14:12:01

How much does he earn? Must be stacks. Or else he's hung like the proverbial donkey.

bonym Sun 10-Apr-05 17:46:38


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