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hi from essex

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nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 13:22:35

hello all i joined a while ago but just got round to posting
im natalie im 23 and live in essex with my partner jonathan and our 2 children, holly whos 3 in june and matthew nearly 9 months
look forward to getting to know u all soon
love natalie

scottishmumto1 Thu 31-Mar-05 14:39:47

hello natalie and welcome. im emma from far far off scotland. hope to see you around on mn

pinkdiamond Thu 31-Mar-05 14:49:55

Message withdrawn

alfiesmum Thu 31-Mar-05 15:08:29

Hello Natalie, i'm also new and from Essex. I am 25, have ds 22months and also 8 weeks pregnant. Where abouts in Essex are you from?

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 31-Mar-05 15:09:43

Hi and welcome

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 15:31:00

hi all thnaks for the welcome
alfiesmum i live in witham near chelmsford, where r u?
love nat

alfiesmum Thu 31-Mar-05 15:52:43

Live in Thundersley, near benfleet. I used to live in Ramsden Heath and went to Writtle College for 3 years when I left school

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 19:35:43

hi ya i know where u r my partner's dad lives in hadleigh which comes under benfleet and my daughter gd father lives at tarpots
how many kids u got?
what did u study at college
love nat

alfiesmum Thu 31-Mar-05 20:47:00

I have one son, 22 mths and i'm 8 weeks pregnant with second. I did horse studies for the first year and then animal care. Do you work or are you a live at home mum like me!

nathollyandmatthew Thu 31-Mar-05 20:58:47

hi ya
what is ur name cant keep calling u alfies mum lol
i do stay at home but im currently studying with the open university, im doing health and soclai care as i want to be a midwife
hows the pregancy going? u being sick yet or dont u suffer i had horrid sickness with both mine the first few weeks r so hard coz ur soo tired
love nat

sallystrawberry Fri 01-Apr-05 00:13:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eidsvold Fri 01-Apr-05 06:45:23

welcome - I used to live in Danbury via southend and work in Basildon.. my dh used to work in Witham but we moved to Aus ( my home town ) mid 2004.

alfiesmum Fri 01-Apr-05 12:49:50

Hello my name is Jess, it must be hard work studying with two small children! are you enjoying the course? i'm feeling pretty rough at the moment, quite unexpected as I felt fine during first prenancy. x

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