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lilybird Thu 31-Mar-05 12:15:36

hello to you all, i'm new to mn, i'm 30 years old, married with a 2 yo dd & i live on the wirral
i have been looking at mn for advice on the joys on being a mother to a 2 yo!!!

mummytosteven Thu 31-Mar-05 12:16:31

welcome to MN lilybird!

I live in central liverpool, and there are quite a few MNetters dotted around the liverpool area.

colditzmum Thu 31-Mar-05 12:16:59

hello, welcome to mumsnet, now you will never get away.... mwahahahaha

Spacecadet Thu 31-Mar-05 14:11:24

Welcome to mn lillybird.

joec Fri 01-Apr-05 08:41:57

hi just joined today.
got 4 kids !!!!!
i know what a fool..
ages 10 , 6 ,2 and 9 months.
from liverpool and stuck in house most of the time.
nice to chat to adults if any one got the time..

JoolsToo Fri 01-Apr-05 08:49:02

hi lilybird - enjoy the ride

Newbarnsleygirl Fri 01-Apr-05 08:50:12


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