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swiperfox Tue 29-Mar-05 17:53:28

aka Zephyrcat in a previous life!!

I live with dp in a little village in Wiltshire. We have DD, 3.3 and DS, 9 months.
DP used to be a pub landlord/licencee and thats how we met - the old barmaid/landlord thing ;) That was 5 years ago and most of it has been hell but we're getting there!!!

Interest wise I love my kids and spending time with them. I love teaching - I have worked in nursery schools for 5 years on and off. I love music - anything and everything!! Soul, hip-hop, reggae, blues, rock, dance you name it!!!! Spent a while blagging it as a wannabe journalist and interviewing and photographing some cool people!!

Much more chilled out now though..... having my two seems to have turned my brain to mush lol

Look forward to chatting to you all!!

JoolsToo Tue 29-Mar-05 17:56:01

Hello! - well I never knew you were previously Zephyrcat - where have I been?!

hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 17:57:28

AH! Now the fruit allergy thing makes sense I mean because I knew you as ZC, not because of your pic!

swiperfox Tue 29-Mar-05 17:58:06

I've not been back long - I'm not properly on the net yet, just being cheeky and using my username from my mums aol account lol

mummytosteven Tue 29-Mar-05 18:00:24

hello swiper!

Spacecadet Tue 29-Mar-05 21:24:57

hello swiperfox
thanks for the link 2 the photo compressing site btw

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Tue 29-Mar-05 21:42:38

so that's what you look like! Finally a face for the posts.

swiperfox Tue 29-Mar-05 21:59:18

Hi all - glad you managed to get it spacecadet - how easy is it??? lol
Hello Mars!! Still waiting for yours.......

swiperfox Tue 29-Mar-05 22:01:01

is there a way to get more than one pic on here? I made dd and ds their own profile pages but they've disappeared into oblivion lol

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Tue 29-Mar-05 22:13:46

oh lord, you don't want to see me. I'll scare the bejeesus outta ya!

swiperfox Tue 29-Mar-05 22:23:12

awww c'mon - I bet you dont look anything like you do in my head lol It cant be any worse than mine lol now ^that's* scary!!

hermykne Tue 29-Mar-05 22:24:46

swiperfox are you dora fans?

swiperfox Tue 29-Mar-05 22:26:20

lol 'fraid so!! DD is Dora obsessed!!!!

Spacecadet Tue 29-Mar-05 22:32:03

Great, wished i had it before, then there would have been no temper tantrums trying to put pics my profiles and having to pester snugs

Snugs Tue 29-Mar-05 23:25:30

swiperfox - either one profile per photo, or cut and paste individual pics into a single montage and upload that instead (like Spacecadets kids .

swiperfox Wed 30-Mar-05 20:35:10

thanks - that was surprisingly easy!!!!
spacecadet - they're soooo cute!!!!

Spacecadet Wed 30-Mar-05 21:49:31

Thankyou swiperfox yours are gorgeous too

swiperfox Wed 20-Apr-05 11:18:53


swiperfox Tue 10-May-05 20:59:18

it's too bloody big!!!! I'm giving up before i cry lol

swiperfox Tue 10-May-05 21:27:10

lol just seen your post on the tiedye thread - no point linking i cant do it!!!!!!!

Gobbledigook Tue 10-May-05 21:54:51

Hey Zeph! I wondered if it was you, my old Xmas swapee!!

And there's the gorgeous girl that sent me a teddy - ahhh!!

swiperfox Tue 10-May-05 22:02:07

That's the one!! Although she's not as sweet as she was at xmas anymore - she's got a bit of a devil in her these days!!!!

champs Tue 10-May-05 23:52:12

PMSL!! came to see the vest!!

almostanangel Wed 11-May-05 21:27:08

wave wave you about swiper?

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