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and now my lovely dh!!

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Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 22:28:15

well i can finally show a pic of my dh, here he is with our dd who is now 8 months but was a bout 3 hours old in the pic.

NomDePlume Sun 27-Mar-05 22:38:21

aww bless. is that just a very flattering photo angle or is he quite muscular ? His biceps look massive compared to tiny dd !

Gobbledigook Sun 27-Mar-05 22:41:16

Awwww, I love it when they are properly tiny!! DS3 is 7 months and he's already not a baby anymore

Lovely cute pic!

kama Sun 27-Mar-05 22:43:12

Message withdrawn

Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 22:43:30

he is quite well built!! but although dd was 8lb 3 she was very compact, she started out in early baby clothes!!!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 27-Mar-05 22:43:56

Great photo!

Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 22:45:24

dh has just looked at the pic in shock, he forgot how tiny she was.

NomDePlume Sun 27-Mar-05 22:45:50

lol. it's a lovely pic, you're all pretty darn gorgeous

handlemecarefully Sun 27-Mar-05 22:46:45

Well aren't you the lucky one spacecadet. I wouldn't kick him out of bed for farting.

Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 22:52:15

the kids take after him i reckon, cant be me!!!

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