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Karens little man!!! I will try anyway

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karen01 Sun 27-Mar-05 21:06:51

HI all this is Scott he was born 19th June 2004.

Wallace Sat 02-Apr-05 19:54:07

Can't see a photo!

kama Sat 02-Apr-05 20:17:13

Message withdrawn

karen01 Mon 04-Apr-05 08:50:46

have tried to post but can't get pictures small enough.
will try to do a hyperlink.

karen01 Mon 04-Apr-05 09:03:55

here it goes fingers crossed.

JoolsToo Mon 04-Apr-05 09:05:23



JoolsToo Mon 04-Apr-05 09:05:51

oops - doesn't link though!

karen01 Mon 04-Apr-05 09:07:11

I am crap at this I will try again

Hulababy Mon 04-Apr-05 09:08:32

I think we need a password

karen01 Mon 04-Apr-05 09:10:36

password is orange

JoolsToo Mon 04-Apr-05 09:10:37

your last slash needs to lean the other way - but it doesn't work anyway!

JoolsToo Mon 04-Apr-05 09:11:07

I get page cannot be displayed?

karen01 Mon 04-Apr-05 09:11:37

joolstoo remove the scott when copying and pasting and you should get in!!! I told you i was crap!!!!!!!!!

Hulababy Mon 04-Apr-05 09:14:26

Here it is

Hulababy Mon 04-Apr-05 09:15:06

He is so lovely

karen01 Mon 04-Apr-05 09:16:18

Thank you i think I need to practise abit more {grin}

JoolsToo Mon 04-Apr-05 09:16:51

Great piccys Karen - your dd is going to be a hear breaker

Hulababy Mon 04-Apr-05 09:18:26

LOL! No problems

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