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Hello everyone

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Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 19:35:13

Ok, I will say hello properly at last.Im 32,married live in cambs,have 4 kids as seen in the fab four thread, ive been on mn for quite a few months now and after having one hell of a time over the last couple of weeks, would like to extend my thanks to all you lovely mumsnetters who have offered comfort..

Socci Sun 27-Mar-05 19:37:37

Message withdrawn

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 27-Mar-05 19:38:52

I can see the kids in you. Gorgeous. Loving the wand!

sunnyskies Sun 27-Mar-05 19:38:55

like the piccie

Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 19:39:03

I am the pillock with the wand and tiara!!!!its the only pic I have small enough to upload, it was taken at my edest dds birthday when I was 36 weeks preg!!! the wand and tiara were a dare!

mummytosteven Sun 27-Mar-05 19:39:36

yaay you've finally put a picture on

pinkdiamond Sun 27-Mar-05 19:40:04

Message withdrawn

Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 19:40:05

caraftily selected flattering piccie!! all black!!!

pinkdiamond Sun 27-Mar-05 19:40:44

Message withdrawn

Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 19:41:41

I am a touch on the eccentric side, I was in abowling alley, but the all black background and the black top covering my v preg bump at the time, hide me v well!!!!

Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 21:12:52

id love to upload a pic of my dh butit needs resizing..sigh and I have no idea..time to go on a computer course??

Snugs Sun 27-Mar-05 21:22:47

send it to me, I don't mind doing them (fancy not sending it the first time, tsk)

Snugs Sun 27-Mar-05 21:24:55

(whispers .... you didnt attach them to the email)

Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 21:36:59

i know, didnt want to be too cheeky it's not brilliant, it's a scanned one but ill send it anyway

Snugs Sun 27-Mar-05 21:48:36

Gimme a couple of minutes, going to try cropping some of the outside for you.

bethski Sun 27-Mar-05 21:52:41

Hello from Bethski

Snugs Sun 27-Mar-05 21:52:46

Check your mail

moondog Sun 27-Mar-05 21:57:13

Spacecadet...thought you'd been on MN for ages!!!
Sweet picture!

Spacecadet Sun 27-Mar-05 22:26:27

snugs ..thankyou have just checked, moondog have only just got round to formally introducing myself!!!!!

NomDePlume Sun 27-Mar-05 22:43:59

fantastic photo !

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