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hub2dee Fri 18-Mar-05 11:48:39

I'm gonna be a daddy to a little girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had our 20 week scan this morning. Here are her feet !

misdee Fri 18-Mar-05 11:49:52

thats very clear.

now lets talk names!!

bonniej Fri 18-Mar-05 11:50:22

CONGRATULATIONS What beautiful feet she has!!!

RTKangaMummy Fri 18-Mar-05 11:50:58

wow brill

NomDePlume Fri 18-Mar-05 11:51:00

What a cute scan picture ! Is she your first ?

hub2dee Fri 18-Mar-05 12:01:32

Ah.... thanks all !

Yep, numero uno.

The feet look large to me. I think it is correlated to brain size, good looks, and stunning personality.

Names: Do you want my whole spreadsheet ???? (Actually can edit that now we don't need a boy's name)

We're thinking:
Thea / Théa
Nesya / Nessia
Ariel / Arielle
Lela / Lola / Leah / Hannah (dw has just sprung these on me so they haven't yet been thoroughly filtered )
Morphette (my favourite - I was threatening Morpheus for a boy)

Ideas gratefully received. We're after kinda French, kinda English names (I'm 1/2 frog), possibly slightly hebrew / biblical (not too much), would consider wacky (but not too much) etc.

dyzzidi Fri 18-Mar-05 12:02:07

Congratulations you're having a princess!!!!!

Must find some Glass slippers.

NomDePlume Fri 18-Mar-05 12:05:33

Awwwwwwwww. You sound so excited, it's lovely.

My personal faves from that list are

Mia - my next door neightbour's DD is Mia
Lola - LOVE that one

All really pretty names. Not sold on Morphette though.

hub2dee Fri 18-Mar-05 12:13:47

NDP - you have no class. Really, Morphette is a fantastic name.

<< >>

Worried Lola has connotations of Lolita... maybe I'm talking rubbish.

So excited.

Daddy's little girl.

Mothernature Fri 18-Mar-05 12:18:39

Adélaïde Adèle Adrienne Agathe Agnès
Aimée Alexandrie, (Alix) Alexandria, (Alex)
Alice Amélie Anaïs Anastasie Andrée Anne Anouk Antoinette Arnaude Astrid Audrey Aurélie
French Girls Names


Bernadette Brigitte

Camille Capucine
Caroline Catherine Cécile Céline, Célina Chantal Charlotte Christelle Christiane
Claire Claude, Claudine Claudia Clémence
Colette Constance Corinne

Danielle Denise Diane Dominique Dorothée

Édith Éléonore Élisabeth Élise Élodie Émilie

Florence Françoise Frédérique

Gabrielle Geneviève

Hélène Henriette Hortense

Inès Isabelle

Jacqueline Jeanne Jane Jeannine Joséphine Josette Juliette

Laetitia Laure Lorraine Louise Luce

Madeleine Manon Marcelle Margaux, Marguerite, Marie Mary Marthe Martine Maryse Mathilde Michèle, Monique

Nathalie, Nicole Noémi

Océane Odette Olivie

Patricia Paulette Pauline Pénélope Philippine


Sabine Simone Sophie Stéphanie Susanne


Valentine Valentina Valérie
Véronique Victoire victory


Twiga Fri 18-Mar-05 12:19:22

Hub2dee, what an amazing picture!

hub2dee Fri 18-Mar-05 12:19:47

Blimey, MotherNature !

Thanks. Will inwardly digest.

Morphette's not on the list though.

NomDePlume Fri 18-Mar-05 12:20:13


Marina Fri 18-Mar-05 12:20:51

Noemi, j'adore!
Watch it, if you use Morphette too often, it will stick and you will have an unseemly tussle on your hands when you finally get to meet her on the outside.
What, er, lovely feet she has . Thanks for sharing that lovely piccie, a bright spot on a Friday morning?

MissCheef Fri 18-Mar-05 12:21:04

fantastic piccy! congratulations!

From your list I like Thea

can't get my head round mothernatures!

Marina Fri 18-Mar-05 12:21:30

Oh and Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris and a very cute vintage car...

NomDePlume Fri 18-Mar-05 12:22:26

It really is an unusual scan angle, I keep coming back to look at her !

WigWamBam Fri 18-Mar-05 12:24:03

Awwwwwww, she has gorgeous feet!

I love the names Mia, Théa, Mara and Ariel, but not so sure about Morpheus or Morphette ... an offering to the god of sleep, perchance?

Marina Fri 18-Mar-05 12:24:20

Is she transverse hub2dee?

hub2dee Fri 18-Mar-05 12:29:27

It was a pretty unusual shot. The sonographer was rather chuffed with that particular freeze frame I think !

The feet are being viewed from the bottom I think. Not 100% sure.

She printed out loads of more normal side-on shots too, but I tend to think they all look a bit alike, but my daughter, I am sure you will all agree, has simply the world's most divine little feet !

Morpheus was one of the characters in the Matrix. It's just a running joke with dw who can't stand it. No reference to illicit drugs etc.

We have one shot where her foot is stretched beyond her mouth to nearly the top of her head !!! Must be all the yoga dw is (not) doing.

WigWamBam Fri 18-Mar-05 12:30:53

Morpheus was the god of sleep ... I thought you were getting your request for unbroken nights in early

NomDePlume Fri 18-Mar-05 12:31:05

It looks like the soles of her feet to me, too, hub2dee. So how does it feel saying 'My Daughter....' ?

WideWebWitch Fri 18-Mar-05 12:31:51

Very sweet feet! Aren't baby feet delicious? Oh go on, start a names thread, I love them!

RTKangaMummy Fri 18-Mar-05 12:34:15

I am sorry hub2dee but morph just makes me think of a plastisine little man from vision on and Tony Hart

Sorry but can't get that image out of my mind

RTKangaMummy Fri 18-Mar-05 12:36:42

Thea / Théa

Also Hannah

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