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ebbie22 Wed 16-Mar-05 15:56:52

Thought it was about time I did a profile....

I am nearly 23,with a 2 year old daughter,and have been married for 19 months....
I live in bedfordshire,and passed my driving test{at last}in October...
I am a s.a.h.m and an Avon lady full time for part time money....
Mumsnet is like my best friend with all the ups and downs that go with it...
Hope everyone is ok today xxx

RTKangaMummy Wed 16-Mar-05 16:23:02


Aimsmum Wed 16-Mar-05 16:46:05

Message withdrawn

milesysgirl Thu 07-Apr-05 22:57:13

hi there ebbie its milesysgirl

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