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My new profile.........

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Gwenick Wed 16-Mar-05 01:21:05

I'm Gwen, 26yrs old (just - married to DH (funnily enough) and have two gorgeous boys aged 4 1/2yrs and 15 months.

sallystrawberry Wed 16-Mar-05 01:22:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gwenick Wed 16-Mar-05 01:24:03

It's taken ages ago - was just browsing the computer and found it - didn't even realise we had it on there - taken about 5yrs ago just after we married

sallystrawberry Wed 16-Mar-05 01:27:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gwenick Wed 16-Mar-05 01:30:10

He hasn't changed AT ALL - I've got longer hair - and slightly fatter - but still pretty much the same (thought lost the tan - that piccie was taken while still living in Zimbabwe)

bubbly1973 Wed 16-Mar-05 07:30:12

awwww you two look so sweet together, lovely photo

alibubbles Wed 16-Mar-05 10:01:19

Message withdrawn

bubbly1973 Wed 16-Mar-05 15:22:39

allibubbles, create a new topic, and once you have posted it, a blue link will appear asking you to upload your picture, but it has to be 18k or less in size

alibubbles Wed 16-Mar-05 15:42:12

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Wed 13-Apr-05 13:58:27

bump for those that want to see what I like in men

morningpaper Sat 04-Jun-05 22:48:11

Tee hee now I'm going to think of you as Alice the Verger in the Vicar of Dibley...

Gwenick Fri 17-Jun-05 01:15:50

Bump - coz everyone else is showing off

BTW - had my haircut last saturday - so it's 'similar' to what it is in the picture.

Gwenick Fri 17-Jun-05 01:38:05

bump - coz I LOVE my man

Jayzmummy Fri 17-Jun-05 01:38:52

and so you should.

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