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Hello loyal subjects

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princechav Fri 11-Mar-05 19:50:09

One is delighted to find a site containing so many of one's loyal subjects. Camilla and I hope you will send us many congratulations on our future marriage. I've finally made the old girl very happy.

"Bray, bray, snort - giddee up"

LGJ Fri 11-Mar-05 19:51:58

Off with her head !!!!!!!!!!

handlemecarefully Mon 14-Mar-05 09:31:59

Good one you Charley. I'm sure she will be a trusty mount.

DaddyCool Mon 14-Mar-05 09:42:19

lol. stay away from my car you thieving scally b$&tard!!

DaddyCool Mon 14-Mar-05 09:43:54

will someone please put the link on for whatever website this little lovely came from please?

anorak Mon 14-Mar-05 09:46:00

Princechav - love it! Hilarious

FrenchGirl Mon 14-Mar-05 10:17:22

Will Camilla join MN to complain about her MIL soon then I wonder........

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