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thought i would introudce myself and DD

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Shell150 Sat 05-Mar-05 15:11:30

Hiya everyone im shell150 scotland have a 8 month old dd hope 2 get to know you all soon and get some helpful tip when i need them

Frizbe Sat 05-Mar-05 15:31:17

Hi shell150, it appears rather quiet round here today, so don't worry if you don't get too many replies! so hello to you and your bouncing bubba!

Cod Sat 05-Mar-05 15:31:55

Message withdrawn

maisystar Sat 05-Mar-05 15:42:28

hello shell150 and dd

serenity Sat 05-Mar-05 16:06:14


Expectantmum Sat 05-Mar-05 16:26:58


MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sat 05-Mar-05 16:29:27

hello to you and your gorgeous dd

lockets Sat 05-Mar-05 16:30:45

Message withdrawn

littlemissbossy Sat 05-Mar-05 16:30:51

Hi shell150, she's a cutie

Sharon1972 Sat 05-Mar-05 16:43:07

Hi there, you little one is soo cute I could just pick her up and put her in my pocket

Cod Sat 05-Mar-05 16:44:04

Message withdrawn

Sharon1972 Sat 05-Mar-05 16:44:50

Me neither cod, but she is a sweetie

uwila Sat 05-Mar-05 16:58:15


biglips Sat 05-Mar-05 17:22:59

aww baba is cute and welcome

Shell150 Tue 08-Mar-05 12:30:19

Tank you every1 i think she is kinda cute to lol

Shell150 Tue 08-Mar-05 12:30:41

thank you

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