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biglips's DD

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snugs Thu 03-Mar-05 00:00:31

here she is! (5 months old this friday coming)

moondog Thu 03-Mar-05 00:01:52

Very very sweet!!!

HunkerMunker Thu 03-Mar-05 00:48:40

Awww! She's adorable!

suzywong Thu 03-Mar-05 00:49:50

Oh isn't she sweet, she looks so happy and alert, you must be very proud

biglips Thu 03-Mar-05 09:04:05

she loves me taking pictures of her so that is her little smile. She is lovely but flirt terrible with men !!! (ill have to keep an eye on her) as last night me, baba and DP went next door (new neighbour) to see how he had done his bathroom as we are thinking of getting ours done, baba was smiling to the fella all the way thru.

Bibiboo Thu 03-Mar-05 09:23:47

What a cutie! Was she born on Oct 15th? Boo was too! Twin MN babies!

biglips Thu 03-Mar-05 09:26:23

no 1st october (12 days late as supposed to be due on 19th sept) so that piccy is when she was 3 months old (it was after new year 2005). bibi - did you say that your baba had a twin, am i right?

Pinotmum Thu 03-Mar-05 09:27:02

Oh what a sweetie!

biglips Thu 03-Mar-05 09:27:14

bibi - sorry i got the message about twin Mn babies (you meant was mine born on 15th oct) DOH!

Bibiboo Thu 03-Mar-05 10:30:45

Twins?! Nonono!I have the greatest adminration for people who cope with twins...but I am not one of them. Cannot imagine how hard that must be...

Fastasleep Thu 03-Mar-05 10:32:25

Awww biglips she's cute!

biglips Thu 03-Mar-05 10:32:33

me too (but my mum is a non-identical twin and on my dads side is 5 set of twins and his mum is a twin but her twin was a stillborn).

lockets Thu 03-Mar-05 10:53:41

Message withdrawn

tamula Thu 03-Mar-05 11:04:59

Awwwwwww biglips, i've just seen your profile! She's gorgeous!! OMG how cute is she? Your blessed What a babe.

biglips Thu 03-Mar-05 11:07:27

i know ... im thinking of doing baby modelling as she got the look ! (big lips, big blue eyes, longcurly eyelashes and a flirt!! ).. all my friends envy her (honest) coz she got the look

HappyDaddy Thu 03-Mar-05 14:32:31

She looks like a real terror . Bet you get stopped in the street a lot.

NomDePlume Thu 03-Mar-05 14:33:48

She's lovely

biglips Thu 03-Mar-05 21:14:14

happydaddy - all the time and i feel like saying "GO AWAY!"

biglips Fri 04-Mar-05 12:16:19

biglips Fri 04-Mar-05 22:36:05

Riebee Sun 06-Mar-05 19:51:05

sooo sweet

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 06-Mar-05 19:56:38


Maisiemog Tue 10-May-05 18:00:46

Very cute baby Biglips!! She looks very smiley!

biglips Tue 24-May-05 23:18:44

yeah i know as she either smile or gawp !!! .. she loves getting her photies done..

Titania Tue 24-May-05 23:19:31

awwwww what a cutie!!!

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