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actualisedad says hello!

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actualisedad Mon 28-Feb-05 14:07:01

Hello! Since dw joined mn, I've been a mnwidower, then observed you all over dw's shoulder, and (having laughed and cried a lot ) finally decided to join the ranks of dads on mn.

I'm a gotwd to two wonderful children - dd (almost 4), and ds (2). I love them, and I'm so proud of them, and I have over-cautious tendencies but aspire to be less like Marlin and more like Crush. Is it normal to aspire to be a character off your kids' favourite dvd?! Somehow, I think you might understand...

lou33 Mon 28-Feb-05 14:08:09

hello and welcome to mn

Toothache Mon 28-Feb-05 14:08:34

Hiya! If you can't beat them... join them!!

JoolsToo Mon 28-Feb-05 14:09:45

another man? does this mean more trouble?!

welcome - be nice

NomDePlume Mon 28-Feb-05 14:10:20

Bless Nemo is also a huge fave in my house.

Caligula Mon 28-Feb-05 14:12:35

Welcome AD! You've joined just in time to catch all the dirty threads!

colditzmum Mon 28-Feb-05 14:22:55

I take it that you have actualised then? This early in the week?

actualisedad Mon 28-Feb-05 15:48:46

Thank you all for such a pretty welcome.

JoolsToo - yes, another man. I promise not to cause trouble (well, not more than is usual for mn), and try to be "nice" - just engage in some mischeivous stirring from time to time...

colditzmum - have I actualised, and by Monday at that? Well, I am, actually, a parent (which is more than AA was, I recall). But then, I wasn't smart enough to figure out how, as an atheist, she could have a calling (who called?) So maybe I'm not actualisedad at all...Oh well.

amynnixmum Mon 28-Feb-05 15:49:51

Hi AD and welcome to mn

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