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dd and taffy..our lab pup

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lilsmum Sun 27-Feb-05 23:43:44

dd and her best friend

stupidgirl Sun 27-Feb-05 23:49:07


giraffeski Fri 01-Apr-05 00:08:23

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Fri 01-Apr-05 00:09:36

I thought you meant your DD and my DS1 then

Very cute

lilsmum Fri 01-Apr-05 00:09:40

thanks GS, but your dd is yum!!

giraffeski Fri 01-Apr-05 00:12:04

Message withdrawn

lilsmum Fri 01-Apr-05 00:14:16

GS.. very true

gwenick, he called taffy because we had to go a farm in the middle of no where in north wales (its not offensive is it?)

Gwenick Fri 01-Apr-05 00:15:58

no not offensive at all - always makes me smile though when I see "Taffy" - the welsh version/

Our DS is "Taf" or "Taffy" - the Zimbabwean version - and it didn't occur to us that our chosen 'short' name for him (we felt we had to give him a 'proper' name too LOL - which is Tafara) could be seen as welsh when we came back to the UK - espeically as I'm a Gwen (no welsh connection there either

lilsmum Fri 01-Apr-05 00:18:28

your ds has a lovely name

i wasnt sure if it was offensive to welsh people

we just couldnt think of a name for the pup so it ended up taffy = wales lol

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