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Bonkerz Sun 27-Feb-05 21:58:37

Here she is on a noght on the pull!!

The guys love it when she takes her teeth out!!

HunkerMunker Sun 27-Feb-05 21:58:57


Newbarnsleygirl Sun 27-Feb-05 21:59:21


wobblyknicks Sun 27-Feb-05 21:59:39

LOL Do you like my Botoxed eyebrows?

PuffTheMagicDragon Sun 27-Feb-05 22:00:29

Oi you lot, that's my gran you're making fun of !

sparklymieow Sun 27-Feb-05 22:03:41

oh defo. the most beautiful mnetter ever!!!!

coppertop Sun 27-Feb-05 22:05:43

Ever thought of taking part in the next Dove campaign?

wobblyknicks Sun 27-Feb-05 22:06:16

I'm spearheading it ct!!

coppertop Sun 27-Feb-05 22:14:51

You're a catwalk queen, WK!

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