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well hellllllllo! :)

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sparkle27 Sun 27-Feb-05 03:33:08

well as a new member of mumsnet i's like to say hellllo! and if anyone out there is as mad as me then even better

spagblog Sun 27-Feb-05 12:05:57

More details please...?

Amberlilli Sun 27-Feb-05 12:31:52

Examples of your 'madness' please.

biglips Sun 27-Feb-05 12:35:44

abit more dets about yourself

sparkle27 Sun 27-Feb-05 12:51:00

okk biglips well my names rach and im from norfolk and have got a 5 month old baby boy called daniel who is very gorgeous! (but hey i would say that he's mine!) i am 27 years old and currently going mad because i have gone from cabin crew to mummy and as yet have not quite got used to the staying at home and not working but have been keeping myself busy thinking up ways to make dosh and keep amused at the same time!

sparkle27 Sun 27-Feb-05 12:53:59

well amberlili where shall one start!
ok one example is while giving birth to daniel i was swearing about the oooh sooo loverly mr blair!
and when the nice man put my epidural in the wrong place and rather a lot of blood squirted all over his uniform and shoes i said i like to make my mark love! and you think thats sane???

sparkle27 Sun 27-Feb-05 12:55:43

hi spagblog see the note to biglips hope that enough detail

Amberlilli Sun 27-Feb-05 13:31:18

I was tapping in my details the other day and I couldn't remember how old I was! I had to ring hubby at work to ask! (i'm 35) I panicked and thought I was 37 this year!!!
My sister is cabin crew for British Airways- she also has two kids and is going through a horrendous divorce-she resorts to the drink!!

sparkle27 Sun 27-Feb-05 14:56:35

amberlilli ahhh drink does wonders well depending on how much u drink that is! ba girl hey! well i only work for a small company called scotairways and then went on to bargain ryanair left them because they are a pants company! and to move back to norfolk although its all a bit quite not used to it yet!
as for age denial im good at that too lol that 30 seems to get closer and closer! not very good at accepting getting older and never really celebrate's i seemed to just liked to sulk on that day! just had my niece round going through the terrible two's and talk about stress i hope to god daniel is not as naughty although i know he will be! in all honesty one is enough not supprised your sisters has a drink or two what with kids flying and man trouble blimey thats hard stuff! what about you you got kids?

Amberlilli Sun 27-Feb-05 15:49:18

hi sparkle amberlilli sister here, so you worked for ryanair did you ?? ur right they are pants have a friemd called joe batt is pilot know all bout them. have come to visit have peace from the older one hes at his friends house am on the wine tea just dont quite cut it after morning with my two!!!

JoolsToo Sun 27-Feb-05 15:51:22

madness is a pre-requisite

sparkle27 Sun 27-Feb-05 16:09:04

hey big sis ryanair argh what a lot of tosh its just that they where the first to offer me a job and i am impatient u see and jumped at the first one anything to get away from a dornier 328 plane! and for that matter bright red tartan not my scene! anyway how the hell do you cope????you have gotta be one strong lady!

sparkle27 Sun 27-Feb-05 16:10:34

joolstoo wink nutter

Amberlilli Sun 27-Feb-05 16:47:43

Alchy sis and psycho nephew gone now.
I have two girls Lillibel 6 in July and Amberlise 2 in June.
I live in London but spent a short while living in Norfolk a few years back- I worked for a clothing company in Norwich. I really liked it there.
It's freezing cold and my eldest daughter is out in the garden in her bikini!!!I think she wins the mad award today!!!

sparkle27 Sun 27-Feb-05 17:02:04

yes def wins the mad award i admit defeat even i am not that mad i have to say hmmmmm here come the terrible twoo'ssss

biglips Sun 27-Feb-05 18:20:57

hello and welcome to "addictive" mumsnet (you've been warned as this is addictive but i can control myself ).

Same to me as my baba is 4.5 months (well nearly 5 months old) and im still trying to get used to being SAHM after coming out of a full time job for 5 yrs... but i love every minute of it being with baba . (im first-time mum)

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