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Meet GS

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joash Sat 26-Feb-05 23:33:49

Just wanted to play and see if I could get a photo on here. Here he is...

sallystrawberry Sat 26-Feb-05 23:36:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

joash Sun 27-Feb-05 00:20:49

Can't do it - how the hell do you make the photos smaller. Snugs has offered to help, but for some reason she's not receiving the emails that I send her.

snugs Sun 27-Feb-05 00:22:32

Hang on joash - something has just arrived

Merlot Sun 27-Feb-05 00:22:53

Can't see anything??......

rickman Sun 27-Feb-05 00:22:58

Message withdrawn

joash Sun 27-Feb-05 00:23:08

i'm all exited now - doesn't take much at my time of life

joash Sun 27-Feb-05 00:24:02

thanks rickman, I'll try you as well

snugs Sun 27-Feb-05 00:26:51

It's still downloading. How big is the file?

joash Sun 27-Feb-05 00:29:06

Not sure, it's only one photo though - shouldn't be that big ... should it?

snugs Sun 27-Feb-05 00:33:35

Not normally. Yahoo won't open it directly for some reason, so I tried downloading it direct - but it is enormous. Will keep trying and see if rickman has any more luck in the meantime.

joash Sun 27-Feb-05 00:35:29

Just cancel it if you can - I'll try again tomorrow. There might be a problem with my server, I've just tried accessing an incoming email thats supposed to be downloading and that's also taking forever - never happened before.

snugs Sun 27-Feb-05 00:37:38

No worries - if I get it sorted in the meantime I'll mail it back.

snugs Sun 27-Feb-05 00:42:38

HANG ON! Done it, resized and coming back to you any minute now.

joash Sun 27-Feb-05 00:52:13

I'm still waiting - still excited - still need a life

snugs Sun 27-Feb-05 00:55:53

Have sent you 2 emails.
2nd email has a clipped version of photo - might show your gorgeous little lad off a bit better

ScummyMummy Sun 27-Feb-05 00:59:02


sallystrawberry Sun 27-Feb-05 00:59:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

joash Sun 27-Feb-05 01:00:21

Thanks snugs - can you tell me how to resize, cause I can find a closer shot of him and do it then.

snugs Sun 27-Feb-05 01:03:05

I use Irfanview which is a free download.

It is really easy to use and can convert bmp to jpg and vice-versa.

I know others use various software but this is my preference.

joash Sun 27-Feb-05 01:04:07

Thanks a lot snugs - I owe you one

RTKangaMummy Sun 27-Feb-05 01:06:27


snugs Sun 27-Feb-05 01:07:45

I'm lucky, I got to see his gorgeous little face in close up (thats the advantage to resizing all these piccies )

joash Sun 27-Feb-05 01:19:41

I've done it - thanks to snugs.

snugs Sun 27-Feb-05 01:22:04

Ahhhh - that's a lovely shot joash.

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