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Was feeling left out,

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toomanypushchairs Fri 25-Feb-05 23:02:20

thought i'd try this photo thingy, someone at the party told me how to do it, sure my pictures will be too big though. I live in SE London with my dh of 12yrs(I married young!) and the 4 dc's. DD 10, DS 7, DT's 2.2 hopefully here they are!

binkybetsy Fri 25-Feb-05 23:11:07


I wondered how people got to add pics too. Still don't know. Can anyone shed any light?

toomanypushchairs Fri 25-Feb-05 23:12:02

have asked someone at the party but they are ignoring me!

Xena Fri 25-Feb-05 23:13:27

snugs will help you

snugs Fri 25-Feb-05 23:14:46

(out of breathe - running from thread to thread)


Skribble Fri 25-Feb-05 23:15:47

I was going to rename myself threadkiller or theinvisablepost

toomanypushchairs Fri 25-Feb-05 23:25:54

aargh, want to do this myself but it won't work. my files are jpeg and smaller than 18000 kb, what am I doing wrong?

snugs Fri 25-Feb-05 23:31:57

What error message are you getting?

mummylonglegs Sat 26-Feb-05 13:11:51

Message deleted

toomanypushchairs Sat 26-Feb-05 13:51:44

Snugs, error message says'you must only upload image files.files must be smaller than 18k' my pictures are jpeg so that should be okay, when given the option for resizing I make them smaller than 18000kb so surely that is ok too? thanks for the help. MLL i'm in eltham where are you?

toomanypushchairs Sat 26-Feb-05 15:01:08

I've done it, am so pleased with myself! told you they were a bunch of monsters!

Gobbledigook Sat 26-Feb-05 15:33:24

Great picture!

Xena Sat 26-Feb-05 16:55:48

What a gorgeous bunch, but then I might be biased

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