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jnbsmum Fri 25-Feb-05 14:18:58

Hello everyone
Im a 24yr old sahm with James 4 and Bethany 18mnths. Will try and get a pic of them on here when i've worked out how.
We live in rotherham south yorks and stay at home most days to have fun (more like mummy sits on mumsnet while the children reck the house and dh pays the bills)

JoolsToo Fri 25-Feb-05 14:19:35

hello - wait for Snugs - she's the expert!

jnbsmum Fri 25-Feb-05 14:49:30

i cannot for the life of me get a picture up. will try later

snugs Fri 25-Feb-05 14:55:06

I'm here - did you need help jnbsmum?

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