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Happy Birthday DS1...

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ANonnyMouse Fri 25-Feb-05 09:42:07

Fake name for this to protect anonymity but wanted to wish my Precious First Born a happy 6th birthday.

biglips Fri 25-Feb-05 09:49:26

H A P P I B I R T H D A Y ! [GRIN] (That is a lovely pic, if that is a real pic?)

ANonnyMouse Fri 25-Feb-05 09:50:33

It is a real picture. I even took it myself

coppertop Fri 25-Feb-05 09:52:14

Happy birthday!

nailpolish Fri 25-Feb-05 10:01:42

there is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby, and yours is absolutely beautiful.
happy birthday little one x

NomDePlume Fri 25-Feb-05 10:03:33

He was a gorgeous baby. Happy Birthday Fella

heyhoh Fri 25-Feb-05 18:06:36

Message withdrawn

essbee Fri 25-Feb-05 18:22:32

Message withdrawn

ANonnyMouse Mon 28-Feb-05 17:32:29

Funnily enough he looks nothing like that now. More's the pity.

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