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gingerbear Thu 24-Feb-05 21:20:20

I can't find the 'add photo' bit.
Does it matter that I am using windows 98??

Cod Thu 24-Feb-05 21:21:04

Message withdrawn

Cod Thu 24-Feb-05 21:21:11

Message withdrawn

JanH Thu 24-Feb-05 21:21:50

Oh, gb, she does look like you!

gingerbear Thu 24-Feb-05 21:21:50

too late Cod, have found it.

gingerbear Thu 24-Feb-05 21:23:13

janH, that is me. I was about 2.
And I had to crop it so much I missed of my little bro and our wee Yorkie terrier (RIP)

JanH Thu 24-Feb-05 21:24:09

Oh really? Sorry! Assumed it was DD - no wonder it looks like you then!

gingerbear Thu 24-Feb-05 21:24:23

right, off cropping DD now....

Cod Thu 24-Feb-05 21:24:41

Message withdrawn

gingerbear Thu 24-Feb-05 21:58:38

that's better.
Have been grooming.

Cod Fri 25-Feb-05 11:46:11

Message withdrawn

suzywong Fri 25-Feb-05 11:47:05

my my what big paws you have

Cod Fri 25-Feb-05 11:49:30

Message withdrawn

gingerbear Sat 26-Feb-05 16:33:49

I failed my audition for Bear in the Big Blue House when it was discovered that I can actually sing in key.
Barney threw me out - didn't even make the casting couch. Hrumpfh.

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