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How could I possibly not have known this site existed!!!

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PinkButterfly Thu 24-Feb-05 19:40:20

Hello. I joined yesterday after finding this site complete by chance (or fate??). I have spent my time since then sifting through loads of threads and love the fact that you all chat about everything and anything. I have 2 Ds's (think thats the right lingo for sons?) ages nearly 6 yrs and 18 mths. I hope that I might find some new friends on Mumsnet and be able to share experiences and advice to get me through the challenges and frustrations that only other parents could understand.... bye for now. x

Gobbledigook Thu 24-Feb-05 19:40:53

Welcome to your addiction!


LGJ Thu 24-Feb-05 19:41:28

Welcome PB be warned it is totally and utterly addictive.

JoolsToo Thu 24-Feb-05 19:41:33

nice name! welcome to the rollcoaster

Goldfish Thu 24-Feb-05 19:43:51

Hi and welcome. I also have 2 dss but a lot older than yours, age 9 and 11. You will find it very difficult to tear yourself away once you log on- be warned

PinkButterfly Thu 24-Feb-05 19:47:02

thank you soo much - totally love this site already - unfortunately I need to go put ds2 to bed and finish ds1's homework as dh is working late !! feel I wont be able to stay away too long though.

PinkButterfly Thu 24-Feb-05 21:43:06

ok - so could someone assist me by explaining wot bump and bumpety bump mean.....?????

WideWebWitch Thu 24-Feb-05 21:44:07

people type bump to bump a discussion back up into active conversations. Welcome.

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 24-Feb-05 21:45:36

Hi PB!

Welcome to the addictive world of MN!

PinkButterfly Thu 24-Feb-05 21:51:33

thank you once again for your prompt replies - i'm loving this. Kids in bed, dh upstairs watching footie - could be on here all night!!!

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