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pic of lilsmum's dd

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lilsmum Thu 24-Feb-05 16:34:44

lets see if i can manage this lol

lilsmum Thu 24-Feb-05 19:54:32

there i did it!!! not a very good one though!!

trefusis Thu 24-Feb-05 19:59:59

Message withdrawn

lilsmum Thu 24-Feb-05 20:01:16

they are hazel, more green than brown, i trying to find a better one now lol

trefusis Thu 24-Feb-05 20:03:17

Message withdrawn

melsy Thu 24-Feb-05 20:18:33

awww she looks like mee dd, what a dolly.

nikcola Thu 24-Feb-05 20:19:16

lovley xxx

Beccles Thu 24-Feb-05 20:19:59

Message withdrawn

lilsmum Thu 24-Feb-05 20:41:56

beccles, since i found out i was having a girl i have been dying to do her hair!!!make her a girlie girl lol (she gonna hate me when she older lol)

lilsmum Sat 26-Feb-05 11:48:30

found a more up close pick, other was too far away

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Sun 27-Feb-05 20:46:09

Lil is gorgeous! She's so lovely. Now I know what the "third triplet" looks like.

lilsmum Sun 27-Feb-05 22:42:25

thanks marslady, but i still want your DT's!!!

its not a very good pic of her really,but the others i put on were too far away xx

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