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emmatmg Thu 24-Feb-05 15:54:25

Errrrrrr, nothing I can say here that isn't already sprinkled about the site so will keep this short.

31 yrs old.
Married to a train driver.
3 Boys, 5, 3 and 1yrs old.
Live in Surrey.
1 hyperactive dog and a whole gang on sea monkeys.

Hmmmm, shall I put in a photo...........?

cazzybabs Thu 24-Feb-05 15:55:29

yes photo!

dinosaur Thu 24-Feb-05 15:56:10

Yes please emma!

Easy Thu 24-Feb-05 15:58:59

Emma, aren't you supposed to be moving to Gloucestershire (near my mum) ?

emmatmg Thu 24-Feb-05 16:03:04

in all fell through, Easy. We got the survey back on the house and it was worse than we ever imagined. Just to put right what was wrong would have cost £20,000+ so we would have been broke before we even thought about new kitchen/bathroom/decorating so we're staying here, not moving at all.

Gutted TBH.

Just trying to find a nice picture.......

emmatmg Thu 24-Feb-05 16:23:52

have tried 2 differnet pictures, one of the DS's and one just of DS3 and it says too big or something.

Can't be fudged now......too many photos to look though and there aren't any nice ones of me.

JoolsToo Thu 24-Feb-05 16:31:05

come on emma - join the picture club!

emmatmg Thu 24-Feb-05 18:29:35

Right.......I give up, I've tried about 10 pictures and none of them will load.

Not techinally minded either so have no idea how to make them smaller.

Besides now that I've seen Lou's I don't really want to.......everyone will think she's a right minger after seeing me

JoolsToo Thu 24-Feb-05 18:30:46

if you want you can CAT me one and I'll see if I can reduce it for you?

emmatmg Thu 24-Feb-05 18:38:18

gonna get the DS's in bed ASAP as they are driving me mental and will try and work it out again.

Jools, If I fail again, I'll let you do your work on it. You'll feel sorry for Lou though

JoolsToo Thu 24-Feb-05 18:40:04

the eye of the beholder

she is pretty tho eh?

emmatmg Thu 24-Feb-05 19:47:18


Right I've worked out how to crop them, and it still won't do it.

When it says 18 whatevers con only be loaded what exactly does that mean? Most of my pictures say 2.29mb and I've cropped 2 down to 978 somethings(????) I have to cut it all the way down to the 18 wotsits they say? I don't think I'll be able to cut it down that'll have a photo of my nostril or something

Told you I wasn't techinally minded.

JoolsToo Thu 24-Feb-05 19:51:17

have your tried re-sizing - you want kilobytes not megabytes!

emmatmg Thu 24-Feb-05 19:52:55

so whats the differnce between re-sizing and cropping?

Is re-sizing the whole picture but smaller?

Snugs Thu 24-Feb-05 19:56:30

Yes - cropping means chopping part of the picture off.

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