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How do you put a piccie on ??? I can't see it anywhere

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nutcracker Thu 24-Feb-05 15:04:11

I have looked, what am i missing.

irishbird Thu 24-Feb-05 15:06:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nutcracker Thu 24-Feb-05 15:06:29

ahh right get it now

nutcracker Thu 24-Feb-05 15:07:12

Thanks irishbird, not sure i can resize my piccie though, might have to do it later.

irishbird Thu 24-Feb-05 15:09:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Keane Thu 24-Feb-05 15:12:39

does it have to be a photo or can it be a link?

nutcracker Thu 24-Feb-05 15:13:14

Erm nope i don't.

irishbird Thu 24-Feb-05 15:17:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nutcracker Thu 24-Feb-05 15:19:26

Ahh right thanks for that. Kids have just got back from school so i'll have to do it later now

charliecat Sat 30-Apr-05 09:23:32

cant resize mi9ne so bumping this up using windows...where are the arrows for resizing?

SaintGeorge Sat 30-Apr-05 16:09:26

Send pics to me if you want, I will resize.

antlxstew @ (remove spaces)

charliecat Sat 30-Apr-05 18:37:58

Rickmans got them so should be ok but thanks very much

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