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Test from tech

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tech (MNHQ) Thu 24-Feb-05 11:56:46

Hello, I'm tech. I try to keep mn limping along....

SleepyJess Thu 24-Feb-05 11:58:01

Well it 'limps' excpetionally well really! MUCH faster than other forums! Well done you Techie!

popsycal Thu 24-Feb-05 11:58:12

wow that looks flash

melsy Thu 24-Feb-05 12:00:09

I thought it went funny just now , and now it looks slightley different

anorak Thu 24-Feb-05 12:01:06

It's very blurred on my picture.

lockets Thu 24-Feb-05 12:01:30

Message withdrawn

Mothernature Thu 24-Feb-05 12:01:44

oooow a new toy....oooow....I like it...

rickman Thu 24-Feb-05 12:05:19

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Thu 24-Feb-05 12:06:24

wow either I am very drunk or need new glasses but you look fuzzy to me

But very flash

tech (MNHQ) Thu 24-Feb-05 12:07:59

's deliberate innit

NomDePlume Thu 24-Feb-05 12:08:50

Is that a photo ?!

anorak Thu 24-Feb-05 12:09:14

That's not fair. I wanted to see whether or not you look like a geek

lockets Thu 24-Feb-05 12:09:44

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Thu 24-Feb-05 12:10:08


rickman Thu 24-Feb-05 12:15:40

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Thu 24-Feb-05 12:16:47

It's blurry and also the boxes with the last poster name, time etc has gone like a light blue/grey colour - has everyone else's changed too?

MN went down for a few minutes for me and when it came back it looked different!

GhostofNatt Thu 24-Feb-05 12:16:58

Why are you hiding your light under a bushel, tech? Can we have a pic of le tech also?

rickman Thu 24-Feb-05 12:17:57

Message withdrawn

SleepyJess Thu 24-Feb-05 12:18:56

I don't want my pic on this site. I like these forums best of all I have ever posted on.. but I like the 'icongnto-ness' of them.. even if, to those who 'know' me from other sites, were perfectly aware of who I am (if they read any posts) because I am no good at assuming 'other personas'

tarantula Thu 24-Feb-05 12:19:56

yeah just added a pic to mine. Its a very cute one of Ruari. She looks very pretty in it

Snugs Thu 24-Feb-05 12:20:05

Tech - is there a way I can compress my picture file sizes. Tons of pictures on file but all saying too big to upload?

tarantula Thu 24-Feb-05 12:21:41

I used Irfanview (free downloadable prog) to reduce te size of mine but most picture editing progs should have a way to do it. What prog you using?

Snugs Thu 24-Feb-05 12:24:49

Not got any photo-software as such at moment - all pics are ones scanned by my mum and forwarded to me. Will have a look at downloadable files - thanks.

HunkerMunker Thu 24-Feb-05 12:25:43

Hello Tech. You look...blurrily handsome

Prettybird Thu 24-Feb-05 12:45:20

Stimulated by this thread, I've tried to look up my own "introduction". Searching alpabettically on Members Profiles seems to stop at "L" - and searching on the archived threads, I can "see" my thread, but when you click on it, it just comes up with a blank screen, and Internet Explorer claims "done".

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