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Have lurked for a bit, but would now like to say 'Hello'

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binkybetsy Wed 23-Feb-05 19:43:13

I'm 30 as is DH. Not really adjusted to being 30 yet and unfortunately turn 31 soon. I'm in denial

Married for 4.5 years, together since we were 17, we have two beautiful children dd nearly 3 and ds 1, plus two cats who even though they are not related, look identical.

I work p-time but I'm not at work at the moment as I'm finding the juggling of all my roles just a bit too much. Tbh I think I went back to work a bit early after ds and completely misjudged how much extra work having two kids would be.

Apart from the usual suspects, I love shoes, friends laughing and Newcastle United, though not necessarily in that order

morningpaper Wed 23-Feb-05 19:44:32

hello! nice to meet you!

Frizbe Wed 23-Feb-05 19:44:54

hi there! looks like we're the same age, I'm also in denial! hope your enjoying mumsnet!

Fran1 Wed 23-Feb-05 19:46:54


womba1 Wed 23-Feb-05 19:47:40

hello! another one in denial here... welcome to Mumsnet!

LGJ Wed 23-Feb-05 19:48:49

Hi there I am 40 and still in denial, you are very welcome and please be aware this place is addictive.

In fact soon I will be 34 plus VAT

binkybetsy Wed 23-Feb-05 19:54:33

Lol LGJ,
'plus VAT', I'll have to remember that one.
I totally understand that this place is addictive, I just thought I should step out of the shadows and embrace the addiction publicly!

jollymum Wed 23-Feb-05 20:08:39

Welcome to Mumsnet. I'm ahem...nearly 45 and feeeling soooooo old. Keep talking and don't be afraid to say what you think. (Well, as long as it's not disagreeing with me!} WelcomeXX

biglips Wed 23-Feb-05 20:37:30

hello - binky. welcome, and im also 30 too will be 31 this year too (ive only been 30 for 6 weeks before new year 2005 turns up!! )

binkybetsy Wed 23-Feb-05 20:42:03

Hello everyone,

Good grief, has anyone ever thought that 30 might be the MN age, where we all head towards crisis point and turn to MN for support?

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