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Thought I'd update my profile.......................

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woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 15:34:35

Well here goes. I'm a 27 (will be 28 on Sunday ) married mother of 2. Ellis is 3½ and Abbie is 26 months and a real little madam. I work as a Technical officer 3 days a week and the rest of my time is spent at home with the kiddies. I love being a mum (although I do call them both blind on here at times ). Been married to dh 5½year although we've been together for nearly 11.

HunkerMunker Wed 23-Feb-05 15:39:02

Happy birthday for Sunday hun! And enough of the faces - I'm 30 in June! (And looking forward to it too - had enough of my twenties now!)

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 15:44:49

30's a biggie though. An excuse for a party. 28's a bit nothing isn't it???

Gobbledigook Wed 23-Feb-05 15:48:13

Oooh, thanks for that Woodpops because I've 'seen' you around a lot but after that thread the other day, realised I didn't really know anything about you!

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 15:50:44

He, he. I've been using mn for ages but I think it was that thread that made me realise no one really knows much about me . There's loads more I could go on forever!!!!!!

Gobbledigook Wed 23-Feb-05 15:52:18

Go on then!

coldtea Wed 23-Feb-05 15:52:37

ooh hunkermunker me too (30 in June)what date are you?

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 15:58:48

Ok I've recently gone from a size 20 to a 10-12 by drastic dieting. Dh is a manager of a shopfitting/joinery company.

We'd planed to wait 5 years after getting married before we thought about having kids. But I got pregnant and we were over the moon. Unfotuently a week later we lost it. 6 months later I fell pregnant with ds and then when ds was 7 months old fell pregnant with dd.

I trained in hosp and catering management. I've worked for a large highstreet chemist for 12 years. Started as a little sat girl which moved onto holiday work then full time, where I worked in the mini lab developing and printing some very interesting piccies I've now moved on from store and work p/t at head office anymore???

coldtea Wed 23-Feb-05 16:07:21

sorry woodpops , jumping on your thread & not even saying hello. My manners have been restored & i'd like to officially say HELLO!

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 16:10:06

Not a problem coldtea. Hello

Gobbledigook Wed 23-Feb-05 16:10:18

Very interesting Woodpops - ahhh, I remember now about the diet but I didn't realised you'd lost that much weight! Bloody hell!! Well done you, I'm so impressed!

Steppy1 Wed 23-Feb-05 16:14:40

Hi there hope you don't mind me joining your conversation (DD watching PINGU!!!!) How did you get your inspiration, Woodpops to lose the weight, I'm up and down beetween a size 18 (Currently, never been so big) to between a 12/14 (pre-children and the early stages of relationshiop with DH when having lots of "physical" intereaction !!!!!!!) Can't seem to get my head around losing weight though am very active....just eats tooooo much !!!!

marj Wed 23-Feb-05 16:16:57

Wow woodpops, how did you lose so much weight? I am very jealous!

northerner Wed 23-Feb-05 16:17:53

Wow Woodpops amazing weight loss. WEll done.

HunkerMunker Wed 23-Feb-05 16:30:55

coldtea - bet you're older than me My birthday's the 30th!

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 16:33:26

The truth, some silly bitch cut me up on the ring road on the way home from work one night. So I did the normal beep and bloody hell what do you think you're doing. She shouted at me shut up you fat cow. I'd never been called that before or at least never to my face. I drove the rest of the way home crying my eyes out. It really hurt to be called that. I then found a diet called Lighterlife where you do total meal replacement for 14 weeks. they guarentee in that time you'll loose 3 stone. I lost a stone in the 1st week and went on to loose 70½ lb in the 14 weeks. That's just over 5 stone

Steppy1 Wed 23-Feb-05 16:42:32

that still takes a heck of a lot of willpower though woodppops. My problem is that I do weightwatchers in the morning, Slimmers world 'till the afternoon, Atkins for tea..... then Snickers or Chocloate world for elevenses and threeses. Myhusband bought me one of those fab eliptical trainers for my 40th (that's what I asked for !) and I've used it twice, once in front of celebrity fat club and once when I was figuring out how to work it out. CAN SOMEBODY ARRANGE TO VISIT WILTSHIRE AND CUT ME UP IN THE CAR..if that's what it takes then happy to do it !!!!

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 16:45:14

You should see my before and after piccies it's frightening.

I'll come and cut you up if you want

Steppy1 Wed 23-Feb-05 16:55:17

...I have "before and after the slimming world diet", "before and after the Cambridge diet", "before and after weightwatchers" diet, "before and after the exercise addiction phase" and now the "before and after children", phew wears me out just hinking about it....well done to you anyway

coldtea Wed 23-Feb-05 16:58:31

Woodpops , well done. You are a true inspiration!
Hunkermunker-that would depend on what time you were born , i too am the 30th think i was born at 6.30am.....!

HunkerMunker Wed 23-Feb-05 18:59:40

Wow!! But yes, you're older - 9.32pm Cool - we're birthday buddies!

coldtea Wed 23-Feb-05 19:52:06


marj Wed 23-Feb-05 21:46:58

woodpops was lighterlife expensive? I would be really interested in that. Would I find it on the internet? I bet you feel fantastic now - I cant believe you did it so fast. Do you exercise too as I have no inclination to exercise at all!!

marj Fri 25-Feb-05 21:46:46

Woodpops, are you there?

woodpops Mon 28-Feb-05 09:35:43

Yep I'm here. I'll be able to post my before and after piccies now.

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