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brentwood, essex

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Hillsy Tue 22-Feb-05 21:49:46

Hi fee, have u got a ds or dd? How old?

fee77 Tue 22-Feb-05 21:43:57

Hi i'm an essex girl too - Hornchurch

Hillsy Tue 22-Feb-05 21:43:36

That's exactly how I felt when I went to one the other week! Haven't been back!!

nutnut Tue 22-Feb-05 21:37:12

Hi Hillsy - No, I live in Southend (ashamed to admit). Don't go to any groups. Tried one for a couple of months but felt intimidated as very cliquey. I am looking for another group at the moment tho......

Hillsy Tue 22-Feb-05 21:34:09

Hi nutnut, Do u live in Billericay or Brentwood? Do u take your dd to any groups?

nutnut Tue 22-Feb-05 21:29:20

I live within driving distance to Brentwood!!! 1 dd 1 yr

Hillsy Tue 22-Feb-05 21:28:03

Hi, I live in Billericay. I have a DS who is 13 months. Would like to know of any groups or other ways of meeting mums in this area, although I don't drive so quite difficult to get anywhere other than in Billericay!!

morningmayhem Tue 22-Feb-05 06:44:11

Hello, I live very near to Brentwood, but I think I'm the only one.

eidsvold Tue 22-Feb-05 06:33:28

mmmmmm chocolate - what a shame I used to live near Chelmsford until we moved back to Aus. There are some who live colchester way!!

mmmmchocolate Mon 21-Feb-05 22:39:51

Hi any mums in the area???????

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