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hannibo Tue 15-Feb-05 12:23:11

hi i am 31yrs old, i am happily married with dd 8 months and sd 8 yrs. have browsed for awhile and i am becoming an addict!

Miaou Tue 15-Feb-05 12:24:35

hi there hannibo, welcome to mumsnet! You'll soon discover just how addictive it can be!!

Socci Tue 15-Feb-05 12:25:01

Message withdrawn

HunkerMunker Tue 15-Feb-05 12:28:27

Hi Hannibo. Welcome to MN...and yep, it's addictive!

shelly121 Tue 15-Feb-05 19:14:19

hiya & welcome xxx

coppertop Tue 15-Feb-05 19:18:44

Welcome to mumsnet!

Frizbe Tue 15-Feb-05 19:20:18


cat82 Tue 15-Feb-05 19:42:11

Hi hannibo

8 months you say? Was she born in May? If so come join us on the May babies thread!

Mumsnet is indeed addictive and you'll find loads of freindly people here.


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