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kjq Fri 11-Feb-05 15:42:48

Hi! I'm a new member from Glasgow. 28 with lovely hubby(sometimes) and 2 DDs 26mths and 14mths. Looking to get as much help and advise from all of you. Hope I might be able to help some people with my experiences too. Can't wait to start chatting!!

anorak Fri 11-Feb-05 15:44:31

Hi and welcome to the most addictive website ever!

Angeliz Fri 11-Feb-05 15:47:53


Newbarnsleygirl Fri 11-Feb-05 15:49:17

Hello kjq!

kjq Fri 11-Feb-05 15:52:03

I've been in this site since yesterday afternoon and can't seem to tear myself away. My dd2 is crying for attention do you think I'm a bad mother?

PinkButterfly Thu 24-Feb-05 19:20:55

Hello kjq from another brand new Mumsnetter -orginally from Glasgow and not that further away now! You are the first thread I've been on - I only found this site by chance yesterday and like anorak says "its addictive". Been reading lots of chats and wish I was on the net when I had my two boys cos this would have been fab for me (suffered PND). Amazing how you all chat about anything/everything!

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