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Beware!! Arachnomaniac on the loose

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tarantula Thu 03-Feb-05 15:47:12

Hi thought Id better get round to introducing myself. I live on the ourskirts of SW London and a mother of one dd (12mnths) also have one dss (13 yrswho visitsonce a fortnight) and a salmon pink tarantula whos approx 6 yrs old and very cute (honest). Dp is a SAHD and I troll off to work each day to earn a crust (am in IT). We do Viking reenacting during the summer and also love camping (backpacking style as we dont drive) and cycling. Am totally addicted to MN now and should really be getting some work done not typing this.

amynnixmum Thu 03-Feb-05 15:50:58

Hi tarantula,
Welcome to mn.

Amanda3266 Thu 03-Feb-05 15:51:59

A webby welcome to you tarantula from an arachnophobe (well not too bad - couldn't possibly kill one).
My hubby is a Henry VIIIth re-enactor and works full time at it. I also have friends who do both Viking and Roman re-enacting.



Marina Thu 03-Feb-05 15:54:11

I think my ds would like to meet you and your spider - he is very keen on the Vikings at the moment. Welcome to Mn Tarantula

Marina Thu 03-Feb-05 15:55:03

Amanda, you mean THE Henry VIII (or is he Wolsey/Cromwell/More/Cranmer or whoever)?

tarantula Thu 03-Feb-05 15:56:34

Full time reenacting? Now that sounds like a cool job. Can see it now "So what does your daddy do?" "My daddy is Henry the VIIIth"

Amanda3266 Thu 03-Feb-05 16:03:10

Yep! The Henry VIIIth - I am his Queen and as it's my birthday today he knows I expect to be treated as such

tarantula Thu 03-Feb-05 16:06:48

Are you really sure you want to be his Queen??? My knowledge of British history aint great but wasnt he supposed to have been a bit mean to his wives???

Twiga Thu 03-Feb-05 16:07:18

Welcome to mumsnet Tarantula !

Amanda3266 Thu 03-Feb-05 16:08:56

Not this Henry - I've given him a son
Just what Henry VIIIth always wanted.

tarantula Thu 03-Feb-05 16:18:08

Well I reckon youre grand then Mandy. A son to inherite the title and all that male malarky stuff.
Where abouts are you Marina? there are loads of reenactment shows on over the summer. Im sure there would be one near you where your son could try on helmets and mail and see a battle.

tarantula Thu 03-Feb-05 16:57:51

Its home time Yippeeee Cheers for thelovely welcome everyone Look forward to chatting to you all.

Marina Thu 03-Feb-05 17:41:51

SE London Tarantula. Anywhere in Kent would be do-able, although I think East Anglia and NE England copped the worst of the raids?
Ds would be beside himself to meet a real live set of Vikings! He even has his own plastic helmet and pillaging expression
Lots of my friends were in the Civil War Re-enactment Society at Cavaliers of course (costumes and lifestyle more fun than the Roundheads).
Happy Birthday Mandy! So which one of the six do you secretly most identify with? I always think Anne of Cleves was probably much nicer than her popular reputation suggests...

BEKsmum Fri 04-Feb-05 09:35:32

Hi tarantula, welcome to MN I'm new too. What a great hobby you and Amanda have, not sure about your choice of pet though!

Like you I've found this site totally addictive but I'm about to be kicked off by ds who wants to play Brum on CBeebies.

tarantula Fri 04-Feb-05 09:49:14

Hi Marina There is normally a small multi period show in Hall Place Bexley each year but its not on our website so not sure if its on this year. buts thats a brilliant show for the kids as they have all kinds there and its quite easy to get to. this is our website and they have updates of all the events.

Marina Fri 04-Feb-05 09:51:59

Tarantula we are minutes from Hall Place and know it well. I will bookmark your site (thankyou ) and keep my eyes peeled!

4kids Fri 04-Feb-05 21:50:31

Hi tarantula welcome to mn. As you know i'm your favorite sil so no need to introduce myself.

shelly121 Sat 05-Feb-05 07:30:16

hi and welcome :-) im shell, from west london (middlesex) great to meet you xx

Lucycat Thu 24-Feb-05 12:24:34

Great photo - very flattering! do you not have red knees?

tarantula Thu 24-Feb-05 13:03:25

nope thats my cousin that does. I have very attractive pink hairs on my abdomen instead.

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