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Teenage behaviour and consequences???

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crazymom Mon 10-Jan-05 20:56:19

My son has just left home after a bout of violence...we had him removed to tell the truth, I have 2 other children and I was already worried that his behaviour and attitudes had severely affected them and their behaviour too, trouble is I still think is he going to make a go of it or get severely hurt along the way, Im not sure wot more I can do....Im all outta enthusiasm and energy at the minute...

RTKangaMummy Mon 10-Jan-05 21:15:51

hi crazymom

Sorry don't have any advice or knowledge but just wanted to say hello.

Perhaps someone else will come along and have some support for you.

Will send you some cyberhugs {{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}

tjgx Tue 11-Jan-05 08:19:43

hi old is ur son!!

fostermum Sat 15-Jan-05 08:32:26

hi crazymom,general hugs for what your going through,if you want to email me at you can tell me all about it,i foster teens mainly and have had more then my share of violent ones plus raising a few hell raisers of my own so may help to chat

maltesers Fri 11-Feb-05 15:55:54

Can you fostermum recommend good tactics for defiance and rudeness. My 14 yr old dd is awful at the mo. Disrepectful, horrid to four yr old half brother, and just plain unpleasant. Trouble is she hates my dp (father of my 4 yr old). He hs little patience for her stroppiness and bad behaviour.

fostermum Sun 20-Feb-05 18:21:53

akward one maltesers, coz it needs lots of patients from DP,does she feel hes a threat to you and her relationship?if she doesnt get on with him and takes it out on the half brother it would be the first thing i would look at,give her privledges of an older child,which she can earn,anything that may interest her,silly things from choosing whats for dinner, to choosing what colour her room gets decorated.all kids are rude and stroppy but if she is over board try find why and where its coming from the more you clamp down on her the more she will see you sideing with the enemy(DP and HB)dont know if this helps but with out knowing more its hard to know where to start

crazymom Mon 07-Mar-05 11:10:58

Sorry, I havent been in for a while...had 2 temporarily move house until we got some work done....just noticed some responses....thank you very much for popping in and replying...I really appreciate that....son has now got a flat....he moves in next week...Ive got him a suite and a cooker and a dinner set and a few friends have got him an iron,saucepans and a washing machine.....Im really hoping he learns something from this.....but at the minute his attitude seems pretty much the same.....Im usually a very positive person but he affects me like no one else....spose coz he my

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