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:) Where does everyone live?

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jandz Mon 10-Jan-05 20:13:28

I live in sunny glamorous Northampton. whereabouts is everyone else? Apologies for being nosey - bad habit!!

lowcalCOD Mon 10-Jan-05 20:14:09

we haev had this thread really recently jandz.. goed ans looks for it

jandz Mon 10-Jan-05 20:15:08

sorry new here didn't realise!!

lou33 Mon 10-Jan-05 20:42:06

take no notice of coddy's abrupt manner, she is a magistrate to be and practsing to be stern.

start a new one if you want, am sure there have been plenty of new members since the last one.

blows raspberry at cod....

Blossomhill Mon 10-Jan-05 20:42:59

That's was very abrupt coddy! You should apologise!

misdee Mon 10-Jan-05 20:45:12

coddy, be nice!!

i'm in herts.

CountessDracula Mon 10-Jan-05 20:46:33

not sure I want to say in case a certain horrible pretend barrister comes round and pokes flaming dog poo through my letterbox

SPARKLER1 Mon 10-Jan-05 20:48:15

I started the other thread!!!!! but I don't mind if you do another. xxxx

Donbean Mon 10-Jan-05 20:50:26

"flaming dog poo" .....
hmmm, note to one self...flaming dog poo and letter box's...good revenge for MIL next time she is orrid!

IsitworthcontactingthePolice Mon 10-Jan-05 20:52:12

I live in a castle in the Highlands of Scotland - along with my alter ego

Blossomhill Mon 10-Jan-05 20:52:16

Donbean - are you okay???

Donbean Mon 10-Jan-05 20:53:24

Yes im fine thanks , just rubbing my hands together with glee at flaming poo, why do you ask?

Donbean Mon 10-Jan-05 20:53:50

Ps live in sunny Blackpool.xxxxx

Blossomhill Mon 10-Jan-05 20:54:21

Just wasn't sure what you meant

tigermoth Mon 10-Jan-05 20:54:45

I feel I am living too much on the internet at the moment. Bye for now, back to real life for a few hours

Donbean Mon 10-Jan-05 20:55:08

Sorry, Countess dracular commented on flaming poo...further down....VV funny x

SPARKLER1 Mon 10-Jan-05 20:56:05

Donbeam. And I thought you were such a kind person

Blossomhill Mon 10-Jan-05 20:56:07

Sorry - didn't read it through properly. I just thought what an odd thing to say

Gwenick Mon 10-Jan-05 20:57:24

I'm just along the road in Wellingborough :-)

vicdubya Mon 10-Jan-05 21:19:23

How do you light dog poo?

IsitworthcontactingthePolice Mon 10-Jan-05 21:20:12

douse it in petrol and then take blow torch to it

nailpolish Mon 10-Jan-05 21:21:43

i live in a house

juniperdewdrop Mon 10-Jan-05 21:23:38

Darlington jandz, welcome btw [by the way] how long have you been on MN?

hayleylou Tue 18-Jan-05 12:07:37

Hi, I am new as well, I am English but living in Germany with DH, DS and DD

handlemecarefully Tue 18-Jan-05 12:25:05

I'll give you a straight answer jandz. I live in a 'village' (but doesn't feel like one as it is along a major A road) around 12 miles from Salisbury and 17 miles from Southampton

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