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hi my name is Biglips

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biglips Sun 09-Jan-05 01:16:25

im 30 yrs young!!, got red hair and full of freckles, wear glasses and im 5' 8". Im a first time mum to my little baba daughter who was born on 01/10/04. i work for "abbey" motor insurance and been there for nearly 5 yrs. i live with my fiance in our house.

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 10:55:09


littlemissbossy Tue 18-Jan-05 10:56:48

Hi, welcome to mumsnet

lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 10:58:20

Message withdrawn

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 11:04:15

im on maternity leave at the mo until april, then baba will go to a childminder as we know the childminder coz she looks after baba's half sister (my DP daughter frm previous relationship) and she is 6 in march, plus Dp daughter got another half sister (her mum's d who is 2 this year) who childminder looks after - abit confusing - lol ! from liverpool which is snowing abit here now - yippee !

lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 11:08:33

Message withdrawn

miam Tue 18-Jan-05 11:10:52

Hi biglips - nice to meet you. Blizzards here - looks beautiful though!

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 11:11:25

lockets - ill throw a snowball to you ------------------------------ (splat) did you catch my snowball?

its stops anyway as too warm but im lucky that im not from scotland - i dont fancy their weather

miam Tue 18-Jan-05 11:14:32

Aaw biglips - it's gorgeous here!! We are off sledging now - can't wait!! (I am more excited than the kids..)

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 11:15:49

where you live {angry] as i love snow

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 11:16:30

start again !

where you live as i love snow

miam Tue 18-Jan-05 11:17:00

Outside Stirling. It is really thick here and still snowing heavily [gloat gloat gloat]. I could post you some though....

Mothernature Tue 18-Jan-05 11:18:18

Really thick here too hello biglips..

lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 11:19:06

Message withdrawn

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 11:20:42

as its raining here now whilst my DP and baba are asleep - we didnt get to sleep until 3am coz baba got a cough and i got my camcorder out to film the bit of snow (am i sad or wha!) just incase DP doesnt believe me it was snowing before..

miam Tue 18-Jan-05 11:21:16

lol lockets. By tomorrow we will all be moaning about how we are sick of the snow (it will be all slushy and brown by then....)

Mothernature Tue 18-Jan-05 11:21:49

I can build a snowman...ner ner ner ner ner..

miam Tue 18-Jan-05 11:22:30

I can build 5 snowmen ner ner ner ner ner ner!!!!!

lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 11:23:34

Message withdrawn

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 11:23:35

yer, by using a white cardboard to cut out and some of your colouring pens- lol grin]

Mothernature Tue 18-Jan-05 11:23:50

[raspberry emotion]...phhhuuutttt...rofl and make snow angels.....

miam Tue 18-Jan-05 11:25:38

lol lol!! Right off to put on my bobble hat and wellies, get the sledge and then find the biggest hill I can find.

Oh, and take the children too I suppose......

Mothernature Tue 18-Jan-05 11:26:25

did I mention I do have a sled dog too?

miam Tue 18-Jan-05 11:27:29

Just one?? I have an entire pack of huskies - just have to dig them out of the igloo first....

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 11:28:38

mothernature - really you have a sled dog - well ive got two guinea pigs to pull mine ! - lol lol

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