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starlover Fri 07-Jan-05 16:15:22

I've ben posting here and there already and thought I ought to introduce myself properly!
I am Claire, 24... live in Crawley in W.Sussex.
I am pregnant with my first baby which is due on the 25th Jan.
Getting very bored of being pregnant now, and can't wait 'til the big day!
That's pretty much it I think....

beansprout Fri 07-Jan-05 16:16:41

Hello and welcome to MN! Congratulations on your preg too. The last bit can drag by, so please come and talk to us lots if you are bored

BubblesDeVere Fri 07-Jan-05 16:16:59

Hiya, good luck on the arrival on your little one and welcome to mumsnet.

Laylasmum Fri 07-Jan-05 16:21:19

Hi i've been posting since mid december but wanted to say hello properly!
I am 27 live in Derby had DH (30) and one DD aged 2.5 yrs. Desperately trying for 2nd but have fertility probs!!
I work part time as a practice nurse!!
Thats really about it i think!!xx

Laylasmum Fri 07-Jan-05 16:22:08

sorry meant to start my own thread !!

starlover Sun 09-Jan-05 11:58:18

thank you for the welcome!
i will probs be hanging around here a lot for the next week or 2

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