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All about me......

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Gwenick Thu 06-Jan-05 16:34:25

well a little bit anyhow. Just read hubbybears thread and realised I hadn't introduced myself either (although I 'get about' a little bit so you've probably already picked up a lot about me)

I'm Gwen (25 nearly 26), married nick (30) (hmm wonder where I came up with "Gwenick" from LOL) for 5yrs. Got two little boys Tafara (4yrs) and Tongai (13 months). Live in wellingborough, but have also lived in Yorkshire, Edinburgh, Bedford and Zimbabwe.

Full time SAHM mum, part time director of music at church, argumentative, but not really as horrible as I seem. Bit of a wimp really doesn't take much to make me cry

I'm sure there's something else you probably all want to know but I can't remember - so you'll have to ask if you want to know (but you won't be 'guaranteed' an answer

juniperdewdrop Thu 06-Jan-05 16:39:01

hello gwenick

I have 2 boys too, aged 7 and 4 and they also have unusual names.

What sort of Church do you go to? I regularly attend our local CofE and love it

Gwenick Thu 06-Jan-05 16:43:36

Ours is C of E too - was brought up a Methodist, and confirmed in the Methodist church (mum was a fully credited local preacher) but been 'round the houses' and ended up C of E.

huggybear Thu 06-Jan-05 16:44:12


have read a few of your posts so recognise the name.

i go to our local c of e church too.

your kids have unusual names how did you choose them?

Gwenick Thu 06-Jan-05 16:45:29

Huggy - DH chose their Zimbabwean names, and I chose their english middle names (well ok DS1 doesn't have an English name but that's a whole new story). It just so happened that the names we both agreed on worked 'better' with the Zimbabwean name first - we didn't have a preference either way just happened.

SeaShells Thu 06-Jan-05 17:12:59

Hi Gwenick! Your boys names are beautiful, and very original! Sounds like you have a very interesting life, look forward to reading more of your posts on here, they certainly liven up the place

miam Thu 06-Jan-05 17:27:08

Hi there Gwenick. Nice to hear all about you and love your boy's names. Where about in Zimbabwe did you live? dh is from Gwelo and still misses it. xx

oooggs Thu 06-Jan-05 18:33:10

Hi Gwenick, Also been married for 5 years and have a DS who will be 13 mths next week.

Look forward to chatting with you

Gwenick Thu 06-Jan-05 19:11:30

WOW Miam!! My DH's family are in Gweru (formerly Gwelo). I was living and working in Harare though, got married out there too

Aero Thu 06-Jan-05 19:11:44

Hi Gwenick. Welcome to mn! This is weird but you could be me! I grew up and was confirmed as a Methodist, though have also been round the houses and ended up happily settled in a C of E.
Not only that, but I'm married to a Zimbabwean too! He hasn't been home in over a decade and misses it terribly sometimes. He's from Bulawayo and is desperate for us all to visit there one day when we can afford it. Our first two children have Irish names though - that'll be down to me. Ds2's name is Biblical as we couldn't find another Irish one we liked as much as the first two.

Gwenick Thu 06-Jan-05 19:13:54

Gosh really is a small world hey Aero!

We left Zim in April 2000 (just before the elections) haven't been back yet - but hoping to spend Christmas this year out there as most of DH's family haven't seen our 2 DS's.

You're not 5ft tall, blonde hair, blue eyes are??? Perhaps you're my long lost (imaginary) twin

miam Thu 06-Jan-05 19:22:30

Yep, it is a small world! dh is 10yrs older than nick, so prob wouldnt know him. dh went to Riverside School though. I visited about 10yrs ago - loved it too. Would love to go back some time. xx

Aero Thu 06-Jan-05 19:27:48

lol Gwenick - defo couldn't be mistaken for a 5' tall blonde with blue eyes!! (Eyes are luish though!!

Gwenick Thu 06-Jan-05 19:28:23

Probably wouldn't - but he'd probably know of the school he went to Prince Edward School in Harare, also went to Eaglesvale school for a while too.

I spent 2 1/2yrs out there after leaving school - was 'supposed' to be my gap year before going off to Edinburgh UNi - but met the man of my dreams (and don't Zimbabwean men have better manners!) so threw all my plans in the bin

tamum Thu 06-Jan-05 19:31:30

Just popped in to say hello, and I have forgiven you for making me feel old

There was anaccident at Palmerston Place yesterday- scaffolding all collapsed in the wind and trapped a woman

Gwenick Thu 06-Jan-05 19:33:08

OMG! That's awful tamum! Fantastic buildings those though - absolutely massive

tamum Thu 06-Jan-05 19:34:03

It's a beautiful area isn't it? Do you ever come back and visit? Lots for your boys to do

Gwenick Thu 06-Jan-05 19:36:00

I have to confess we've only been back once since I left school in '97. We visited my brother up there (out in Gilmerton though!) for a long weekend in August 2000 - was VERY pg with DS1 at the time. He got us tickets for the Tattoo and had a great time. We're 'hoping' to visit again sometime in the next year or so - still got friends up there (was the organ scholar at St. John's - corner of princes st) and still in 'semi' contact with my old headmaster (sounds dodgy but it's not honest LOL)

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