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Hi everyone!

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Juliettesmum Tue 21-Dec-04 21:59:13

Hi everyone at mumsnet. My name is Katie. I am 21 and i live in Ireland. Moved here at 16 from Wales. Seven and a half months ago I gave birth, easier than I'd thought, to a baby girl, Juliette. She is the best thing ever! She can be a handful but thankfully, she's not a screamer.
Anyone in ireland, please talk. If not, anywhere else? Somebody, Anybody!
Look forward to giving and receiving some good advice xx

tillykins Tue 21-Dec-04 22:00:08

Hello Juliettesmum. I'm not in Ireland but hello anyway and welcome

Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Dec-04 22:00:49

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Tue 21-Dec-04 22:01:22

hia julietts mum. whereabuts in wales are you from then and what took you over to the emerald isle

MarsselectionboxLady Tue 21-Dec-04 22:01:29

Hi. Welcome!

MissYulie Tue 21-Dec-04 22:33:38

Hello Juliettsmum - I am from Ireland. Welcome to MN. There are a few irish posters here.

joashiningstar Tue 21-Dec-04 22:35:19

Welcome Juliettesmum - hope you enjoy it here.

doyler Tue 21-Dec-04 22:52:04

Failte Juliettesmum,
I'm from Ireland but I live in London.I had a baby 6 months ago.So like all the other mums you are welcome.And like us all needing support and advice now and again.

MistltAeroAndWine Tue 21-Dec-04 22:53:49

Hi - welcome to mn. I'm from N Ireland, but live in Kent now. Won't be long 'til you're addicted!

taramac Tue 21-Dec-04 23:12:14

Hi Katie - I am in NI - whereabouts in Ireland are you? I moved here at 14 although my parents are from here originally and grew up here.

I had my first baby at 21 too - a ds though!

anorak Tue 21-Dec-04 23:41:09

Hi! My DH is Irish but CrIcklewood born and bred. Calls himself a plastic paddy.

I think there are quite a few Irish mners. But never mind that, let me, an English mum, welcome you to mn!

jofeb04 Wed 22-Dec-04 15:18:30

Im from Wales, still livin here!! But i love ireland, and always will.
Im 23, with a 10 month old son!

ladyrobinredbreast Thu 23-Dec-04 23:25:05

top of the morning to you juliettesmum im from ireland
there are quite a few others on here from the emerald isle.
Im from Coleraine what part are you from???
Welcome to MN hope to have many chats in the future.

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