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*Hi from Mel in Gravesend, Kent*

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melanie1966 Mon 13-Dec-04 16:09:08

Hi, my name is Melanie and I live in Gravesend, Kent with my husband Mike. I am 38 yrs young and have 2 kids, Rebecca age 5 and Cameron age 2, would love to hear from anyone, mainly to stop my brain turning to mush!!

spacedonkey Mon 13-Dec-04 16:10:16

Welcome to mumsnet Mel, I hope you enjoy it

Cadeauxbury Mon 13-Dec-04 16:13:32

Hi Melanie,
Welcome to mumsnet. There's a fair few of us in your neighbourhood. I'm in Chatham, married with a dd of 4 and a ds of 1.
How did you come across mumsnet?
Hope to see you around the boards.

Cadeauxbury (aka Cadbury or Debz)

winterwombaland Mon 13-Dec-04 16:14:49

Hello Melanie,welcome to Mumsnet!I'm not that far away from you, in sunny Rochester.

Cadeauxbury Mon 13-Dec-04 16:15:51

Hello womba! (waving emoticon)

winterwombaland Mon 13-Dec-04 16:17:33

Hello Cadders (waving emotion back!!!)
how are you?
(sorry Mel..don't want to hijack your thread!)

FimboCLAUS Mon 13-Dec-04 16:21:55

Hi Mel. Used Gravesend as a base for our hols 2 years ago. Stayed in a flat on the waterfront (near Tilbury Ferry - flats just before Asda etc). Weather was brilliant. Lovely lovely area you lucky Kent people.

Cadeauxbury Mon 13-Dec-04 16:35:10

Womba, I'll email you when I get a sec. Got to hoover now

MarsselectionboxLady Mon 13-Dec-04 16:40:42

Welcome to our addiction

DingleAlltheWay Mon 13-Dec-04 16:48:47

Welcome Melainie, I'm afraid my brain has been nothing but mush for a few years now! No hope for me anymore!
I'm not far, Medway! I have two little ones, ds (5) and dd (3).
I am sure you will soon become totally addicted!!

mikeyjon Mon 13-Dec-04 17:28:54

hi mel, im 21 and have 2 sons aged 2.5 and 9 months.

warning - moms net is addictive!

melanie1966 Tue 14-Dec-04 13:49:59

Hi, thanks for your messages, came across mumsnet purely by accident as I was looking for help with my son's latest health predicament (I'm always at the doctor's for my son but never for my daughter! Why is that???) Anyway, will definitely be checking this website daily and it's nice to see there are a few people local to me here. The message about sunny Gravesend and being lucky to live here, I had to laugh as Gravesend was recently voted as one of the worst towns to live in the country recently! Not that I agree with it anyway!!!

FimboCLAUS Tue 14-Dec-04 13:52:41

Hi Mel, believe me there are some parts of Scotland worse than Gravesend. Dd loved going to Diggerland by the way.........

melanie1966 Tue 14-Dec-04 13:56:21

Hi FimboClaus, I had thought of taking my daughter to Diggerland for her birthday in March, have never been there, don't know if the weather might be a bit nippy then though!!!

ernest Wed 15-Dec-04 13:56:14

hi mel,
I used to live in Gravesend. Now moved away, but pil live in Shorne so still visit a few times a year. Whereabouts are you?

Welcome to mumsnet

Spamhead Wed 15-Dec-04 22:36:29

Greatto have you aboard, Melanie. I go past Diggerland in Strood every day on the train - is it any good. Looks fun.

Yes, yet another north Kenter in Medway!

FimboCLAUS Tue 21-Dec-04 20:50:27

Mel nearly forgot, one word;-


Need I say more...............

KristmasBear Tue 21-Dec-04 20:56:14

Hi Mel - I'm Kbear (usually!) and I'm in Kent, near Bexleyheath. I have a DD (5) and a DS (3).
Welcome to the font of all knowledge!

KristmasBear Tue 21-Dec-04 20:56:49

BTW - about time we had a Bluewater meet-up!! Shop til you drop ladies!

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