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Hello from Somerset

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Amanda3266 Fri 10-Dec-04 10:02:24

Just thought I'd add my profile to this members profiles thingie. Have already posted lots before finding this.

I'm Amanda, I'm soon to be 39 and Mum to James who will be 2 on 20th December. James is a much wanted first child for my hubby and me and arrived after three years of infertility investigations, miscarriage and heartbreak. He's the best thing ever and I utterly adore him.

We live in south Somerset. My hubby is a full time Henry VIIIth re-enactor and goes into schools doing "Living History" days for primary age children - he loves his job.
I work 15 hours a week as a health visitor (a job I love doing) and could easily fill 15 hours more there.
In my spare time I try (oh how I try) to keep on top of the housework and usually fail. Am convinced I have adult ADD as I can't concentrate on anything for very long (hence am crappy at organising housework - that's my excuse anyway).
I love reading when I get the opportunity but nothing too highbrow these days - am usually too tired in the evenings to cope with anything more than chick lit. It may be shallow stuff but it's relaxing and undemanding.
Thoroughly enjoy a "Lush" bath. For the uninitiated check out Fabulous stuff.

Think that's it


5goldendillydallys Fri 10-Dec-04 10:03:28

What a fab job the hubby has?
How many drumsticks does he get through in a week?

ladyrobinredbreast Fri 10-Dec-04 10:22:45

HI Amanda
welcome to MN what a great job your dh has not surprised he loves the kids love him too,sounds like fun.
A health visitor heh you might regret telling us that .Questions anyone(only joking)xxx

MariNativityPlay Fri 10-Dec-04 10:41:41

Hi Amanda, welcome to Mumsnet (formally that is). Your dh's job sounds interesting and unusual, how did he get in to that? And as ladyrobinredbreast says, a Health Visitor, eh? Well you're obviously one of the good ones

jingleoooggs Sun 12-Dec-04 07:34:50

Hi Mandy and welcome, we are also in the West Country with a December James, but he was 1 yesterday. Hope you find the site as useful as we have and I bet you also wished you'd found it sooner

ZoeBristol Tue 04-Jan-05 14:07:18

Hello mandy

Also a new member not done a profile yet finding juggling a 5 month old and a 2.5 year old abit tough to type for too long.
We have just moved from Somerset to Bristol lovely county though needed to be nearer to DH work. Not looked around the talk pages for long but they do look fun and good to talk to people who are as just as stressed !!! What a great Job you have never mind the DH just enough to keep you busy eh.

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