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Hello ! :)

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wotz Fri 21-Dec-07 16:48:44

Hi and a very merry Christmas to you

candypandy Fri 21-Dec-07 16:47:58

I mean .. i don't live in Birmingham


candypandy Fri 21-Dec-07 16:47:23

goodness.. snap for lots of that .. are you me?
except you don't live in Birmingham and my children are older
hi . .newbie also..(had to ask for help in starting a thread three weeks after joining -- so you're doing better than that already...)

SquonkaClaus Fri 21-Dec-07 16:40:22


welcome to MN (properly)

tis always nice when people introduce themselves (I never did blush) Just find a thread you fancy the look of and dive right in!

IndigoMoon Fri 21-Dec-07 16:36:25

Well i did post here a while back on a slimming world thread but other than that i was not a prolific poster.

However I am going to give it a go here and see how i get on.

I am a mom to two (29 - how the hell did that happen!!! ) dd - 4, ds-1. I live in the rural idyll which is Birmingham.

At the moment i am mostly a SAHM but in the new year i am hoping to get back to work part-time.

At the moment, dd has a throat infection and ds an ear infection and dh is upstairs in bed with the flu!!!

We are experiencing joyous times!!!!!

I do Am Dram, love singing, books, drinking and am doing an OU Course.

Look forward to chatting x x x x x x

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