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RUTH01 Fri 15-Oct-04 12:25:59

Hi out there! Any mums from Rugeley out there to talk to?

golds Fri 15-Oct-04 12:27:39

I'm here for half an hour

golds Fri 15-Oct-04 12:34:49

Are they the new houses up the top on the right ?
My kids are both at school now dd (nearly 7) and ds (4), going to watch them soon in their harvest festival at school, my dd has a piece to read. Should be fun, do you know many people in Rugeley ? I left 16 years ago, so I did all my schooling there, I pottered around the town a bit, I get my hair done at Gill's but haven't yet managed to bump into anyone I know.

RUTH01 Fri 15-Oct-04 13:02:11

They're on the left hand side - built about 10 years ago before they started on this new set of new ones. I know a couple of people in Rugeley but not too many - hoping I can improve on that score tho!!! Have lived in Rugeley about 10 years.

golds Fri 15-Oct-04 13:11:12

I like Rugeley, even tho I don't live there it always feels like home to me whenever I go back. Ive spent a few few Sunday mornings in Dancing Dragons lately, the kids like it, have you been ?

Will have to go now, got to fight for a seat in the front row, will catch up with you later.

RUTH01 Fri 15-Oct-04 13:14:33

I have been there - my little girl enjoys it. Nice to talk to you - hope to do it again soon1 x

golds Fri 15-Oct-04 13:15:38

I really am going now - check out the staffs/shrops meet up site, if you would like to come. Bye

TwoTots Thu 27-Jan-05 00:04:03

Not sure if anyone can help me with this one but someone told me a while ago that a new play area was being set up in Cannock (near Brian James- I think) similar to Dancing Dragons in Rugeley.
I've been searching on line to find it but as I don't know what its's called I've drawn a halt.

Does anyone know if it exists and if so, what it's called? Think it was going to open around Christmas time.

Thanks if you can help me

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